Connections Seminars/Advocate Begin on Monday 9/18!

It was so great to meet with our new and returning Connection students over this past week! If you still want to participate and you didn’t get a registration time, no need to worry. Simply contact Anders or Jasmin and we will arrange a time to meet and see how Connections can help you reach your goals.

Connections Seminars, Advocates, Tutorials and Work Experience classes begin on Monday!   Please make sure you are prepared for class. Every Connections Student needs to bring a three ring binder, pens and/or pencils, a calculator and a planner to class each day. Your planner does not have to be a traditional planner. It can be a cell phone, sticky notes, or something more creative. Find a system that works for you! If you can not bring these items, please talk to Connections Staff. We can help you!

NEWS FLASH: Lane Community College is closed on Thursday, September 21. MARK YOUR PLANNER: All Connections Seminars will take place in The Eugene Public Library on Thursday, September 21! We will be reserving study rooms and we will have a Connections staff near LCC/Downtown Library to help guide you.  Check the website again on Wednesday in case there are any last minute changes. Advocates may take place downtown or may take place in Building 2120.  Please check with your Advocate to see where your session will take place on Thursday.



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