Attendance = Success!

First, thank you to the 8 students who presented their e-portfolio to the 4J administration team on Friday.  You all did an outstanding job and the administration team was very impressed with your self advocacy skills and your awareness of your strengths, needs accomplishments and IEP goals!  What great practice for job interviews!

Remember, your attendance is very important.  As adults, you are expected to know your schedule and attend all of your classes.  We understand that life happens and sometimes you are running late or will be absent.  If you are late or absent, please contact the Connections Staff who is teaching your class.  If you have more than one class, you might have to make more than one phone call.  Do not send a message with a friend to tell us; we need to hear from you directly.  Below are the phone numbers you need to know:

Josh: (541) 912-3618        Lori (541) 915-8493     Heather (541) 954-3162

Jasmin (541) 954-7133   Amy (541) 953-8768

Couch To 5k students:  This week marks the first week of the Couch to 5k training program.  We will complete the first work out of the week each Monday in class; you are responsible for completing 2 workouts a week on your own.  Please update your goal guide goal when you complete your workout.  Couch 2 5K has a great app for your smartphone that will tell you when to run and when to walk.  If you need assistance downloading the free app, please make an appointment to see Josh.

Below are the workouts for week 1.  You can find the entire program on the Couch To 5K site:

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