Are You Looking For A Job? Go To The Live Resume Event!

The following information is from Incight and Vocational Rehabilitation.  This seems like a fantastic opportunity, contact your transition specialist and take advantage!  

Become more than just piece of paper to employers at LIVE RESUME March 23rd, 2016​ ​ in Eugene, OR

What:​ Live Resume is an excellent and unique opportunity for job seekers with disabilities to meet and network with local employers in an intimate and supportive environment. During the main event, every participant will have up to three minutes to verbally present their “Live Resume” to a room full of recruiters and hiring managers who are looking to fill positions within their organization. After the presentations, there is an hour of networking with the employers. Leading up to the main event, participants must be available for a practice session​, where they work on their presentation and learn how to best communicate their skills and abilities. Participants will also receive a handout with insider tips on how to best network with employers.

When:​ Practice Session​:​ Friday, March 17th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm ​Live Resume​:​ Thursday, March 23rd, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Who:​ Job-ready individuals with disabilities will meet with representatives from a number of organizations. Early sign-ups include: Garten Services, DePaul Industries, Galt Foundation, and possibly more to come!

How:​ There are only 20 spots available to job seekers, and we encourage all skill levels to apply:

Step 1:​ Interested individuals must first submit a resume to Kimberly: ​​.

Step 2:​ Once a resume is received, Kimberly will call the individual to discuss participation.

Step 3:​ Approved participants must attend the pre-event practice session, and provide copies of their resume to Kimberly at the practice session.

Where​:​ The practice session and the main event will be held at the Eugene VR office. Specific location details will be provided to approved participants​.

Why:​ To increase your network, build skills and confidence, and learn about area job opportunities!

Questions:​ Kimberly Berberich at or (971) 244-0305.

The event is presented by Incight and Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation

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