Don’t Miss Our Amazing End Of School Events!

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Hungry for lunch? The Originals School Store is having an amazing sale!  For $2.00, you can buy 1 lunch item (anything in the freezer, Instant Lunch or a Chef Boyardee Ready Meal), 1 Small Gatorade, and one item priced $0.50 or less.  You are not going to find a better lunch deal anywhere else!

Mark your planner!  You do not want to miss the amazing end of school events planned for next week!

Wednesday, June 15: The Connections Carnival!

Location: Building 2120  12:30 pm

The Connections Carnival will take place from 12;30 pm to 3:00 pm on Wednesday June 15.  The Carnival will feature food, art projects, board games, video games and movies.  Spread the word, Connections Alumni are welcome to come!  Should be an amazing time!

Also on Wednesday, June 15: Connections Moving On Ceremony.

Location: The Campbell Community Center: 6:30 pm

Moving On is a very special ceremony where we celebrate the achievements of our students who are aging out of School Services.   We would like to encourage all students in the Connections community to come to the ceremony to support those students who are moving on from Connections!

Thursday, June 16: Connections Goes To The Coast!.

Location: Meet at Building 2120 at 9:00 am

Last year, Connections took our first trip to the Coast and a great time was had by all who attended. This year, we will be meeting at Building 2120 at 9 am and headed to Honeyman State Park to hang out on the sand dunes and cook hot dogs over a fire.   Bring, sunscreen, lunch (if you do not like hot dogs), and money for ice cream at BJ’s Ice Cream Parlor!  We will return to Building 2120 by 3 pm.  Note: Space is limited!  There is a sign up sheet in the hallway at Building 2120.  Sign up and reserve your spot today.  If you have any questions, please see Jasmin!

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