Alumni Afternoon March 18! We are going to Prince Pucklers!

imgresCan You believe it is almost the end of the Winter Term!?!  What better way to celebrate the end of the term than to hang out at Prince Pucklers!  Prince Pucklers is a local ice cream shop that makes their own delicious ice cream.  Just ask President Obama, who enjoyed ice cream at Prince Pucklers in 2008!  Check out their menu here, and try not to drool on your keyboard.

Budget your money this week… students are responsible for buying their own ice cream at Prince Pucklers.  Here are Prince Puckler’s Prices: Mini Scoop: $2.40 | Single Scoop: $3.25 | Double Mini Scoop: $4.25 | Double Scoop: $5.25.  But don’t feel you have to buy Ice Cream to come to Alumni Afternoon.  Hanging out is free and always fun!  Here is Friday’s Schedule:

Alumni Afternoon: Friday, March 18.  12 pm to 3 pm

12:00 pm meet at Downtown LCC

12:20 pm get on Bus 27 (bay L)

12:35 pm get off bus at 19th and Agate Streets

12:35 pm-1:15 pm eat at Prince Pucklers

1:15 pm-1:30 pm walk to 13th Street

1:30 pm- 2:20 pm hang out at UO bookstore/Smith Family Books

2:27 pm Get on Bus 78 at UO Station Bay E

2:32 pm Arrive at Eugene Station

2:32-3:00 pm: Downtown Adventure!

3:00 pm: Dismissed!

Remember, Spring Term scheduling meetings will take place on Thursday, March 17 at Building 2120.  Remember to sign up for a scheduling time if you do not have one already.  The Spring Term schedule is posted on this website here and you can find paper copies in the student lounge.  Come prepared to your scheduling meeting.  Think about your post school goals.  Pick seminars, work experiences, activities that will help reach your post school goals.  Make the spring term meaningful!

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