March is Wise Thoughts Month

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 1.01.31 PMCan you believe it is already March?  Time goes by so fast…Soon it will be Spring Term!  The Connections Staff is beginning to plan an electrifying Spring term.  Cooking Seminars will be returning in the Spring… the question is, how many?  Please let us know this week if you are interested in Cooking in the spring term.  We want to know how many cooking seminars should be offered.  .

Great news! Prices in the Originals School Store have been slashed!  That’s right, we have lots of items on sale this week!  Ready Meal Cups, Granola Bars, Fruit Snacks, Instant Lunches, Pencils and Spiral Notebooks are all on sale!  Grab them while they’re hot!

March is Wise Thoughts Month.  Think Be Do teaches us that we all have Automatic Thoughts and Wise Thoughts.  Automatic Thoughts go through our mind in an instant, and occur after something happens.  Automatic thoughts are connected to our feelings and emotions…sometimes we might not even notice that a thought occurred, we just feel good or feel bad.   If you are feeling bad, your automatic thoughts might keep you in a downward spiral.

Your challenge in March is to think wise thoughts! When you notice you are in a downward spiral, try changing your thoughts to wise thoughts.  Wise thoughts are accurate, logical, and true thoughts that are not exaggerated.  They will help put things into perspective and will make you feel better!

Mark your planner!  Wednesday’s Life CEO class will be canceled (2:30 pm March 2).  Jasmin and Josh are called away to a meeting 2:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon.  All other seminars, advocates and work crews will take place as scheduled this week!

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