Your Attendance Is Important

imgresWe had an amazing first week in Connections! Attendance was phenomenal, student participation was amazing, and we can already see progress being made!  Remember, you are responsible for your schedule.  Please make sure you know the location and times of each class.  Most seminars on Monday, Wednesday and Friday take place in Building 2120.  Most seminars on Tuesday and Thursday take place at LCC Downtown Center.

We interrupt this post to give you a friendly reminder: If you are in Mind Your Business please make sure you complete your market research before 1:30 pm Tuesday, September 29.  If you have any questions, please see Josh.

Your attendance is very important to us.  However, we do understand that sometimes you might need to be absent from class.  You might become ill, have a doctor’s appointment, have a circumstance where you might be out of town, or be abducted by aliens.  If you are late or absent, please contact the Connections Staff who is teaching your class.   Do not send a message with a friend to tell us, we need to hear from you directly.  Below are the phone numbers you need to know:

Josh: (541) 912-3618        Lori (541) 915-8493

Jasmin (541) 954-7133     Heather (541) 954-3162

Amy: (541) 953-8768

We also understand that your schedule might not be perfect.  You might want to make some changes.  If you want to drop or add a class, please complete the Connections Drop/Add Form.  There are copies of this form on the resource shelf.  You will need to take the following steps:

  1. Students completes the class, add/drop, and reasons boxes.
  2. Student shows form to classroom teacher.  Teacher will sign and mark agree or disagree
  3. Student makes appointment with case manager.  Case Manager will sign form, mark agree or disagree and write action plan

4. Changes become official  after action plan is complete

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