Congrats to Connor King, Winner of a 2015 Turnaround Award!

Congratulations to Connor King! Connor received a Turnaround Award last Friday. The Turnaround Award Program is sponsored by Colleen Belotti and recognizes students from all over Lane County who have overcome great obstacles and achieved their goal. Congratulations Connor! We are all very proud of you in Connections! Connor made a fantastic speech in front of a very crowded room; Rick Dancer told him he should become a comedian!

Don’t miss out on the end of the year events! Here is our list of happening for the end of school!

Wednesday June 3: Moving On Celebration 6:30 pm at the Campbell Community Center. The Campbell Center is located 155 High Street. Please take Bus 1 from Bay J at Eugene Station!

Please keep in mind that Moving On is not the last day of school. We will have a regular schedule on June 4 and June 5! Please attend on June 4 and June 5 (even if you are one of the students who have moved on)!

Monday, June 8: Connections Goes To The Coast:

9:00 am: Jasmin will pick up students at Downtown LCC in Activity Van

9:30 am: Jasmin will pick up students at Building 2120.

11:00 am: Arrive at Honeyman State Park and Old Town Florence

2:30 pm: Begin Driving Back To Eugene

4:00 pm: Students will be dropped of at Eugene Station.

Note: Connections will provide water and snacks.  Students are expected to bring lunch, sunscreen, warm clothes, a hat and spending money (if you choose to eat lunch out)!


Tuesday, June 9: Alumni Afternoon: The ever popular burger tour of Eugene continues! We will be visiting Northwest Burgers in the 5th Street Market!

12:30 pm: Meet at new Downtown Lane Community College, Room 331

1:00 pm: Begin Walking to 5th Street Market

1:30 pm: Arrive at 5th Street Market. Enjoy a tasty burger from Northwest Burger in the 5th Street Market Food Court

2:30 pm: Walk to Smith Family Books. Enjoy Nostalgia Collectibles!

3:15 pm: Return to Eugene Station to catch a 3:30 bus home

Note: Connections is unable to pay for your burger/drink/fries etc. You do not need to buy food to participate in Alumni Afternoon. Hanging out is free and always fun!


Wednesday, June 10: End of the Year BBQ at Building 2120! Enjoy a meal on us! Alumni Welcome!

12:30 pm: Meet at Building 2120

Enjoy food, games, and laughs! Should be a great time!

3:30 pm: Dismissed!

Couch To 5K: We are on the last week of our workout! Please complete Week 9, work outs 1 and 2 this week. Brisk 5-minute warm up walk, then jog 3 miles (or 30 Minutes).

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