No Morning Connections Seminars or Advocates on Thursday, April 9: All Students strongly encouraged to attend the LCC Career Expo on Thursday!

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 9.04.12 AMThe spring term is off to an excellent start. Attendance has been outstanding, seminars have been electrifying and students are working towards their goals. A few reminders:


  1. All Couch to 5K students must make an appointment with Josh for Monday or Tuesday to set goals on Goal Guide. Your appointment should take no longer than 7 minutes.
  2. We are about to begin Week 2 of the Spring Term. Your schedule may not be perfect and may need some adjustments. If you do need to change your schedule, please fill out a drop/add form that can be found in the student lounge. You will need to get your instructor’s and case manager’s signature before we can make an official schedule change.


All Morning Connections Schedule Classes will be canceled on Thursday, April 9. Instead, please attend the Career Expo Workshop at Lane Community College. The expo will feature workshops, representatives from vocational rehabilitation, and the opportunity to network with employers. The Expo will take place at Lane Community College Main Campus, Center for Meeting and Learning. Go the Expo with Connections Staff! Meet Connections Staff in the Downtown LCC Lobby at 9:15.  Ride Bus 82 at 9:30 am with Connections Staff!

For more information on the Career Expo:

Keep in mind, only Thursday AM classes are canceled on April 9. We will have a regular schedule on Thursday Afternoon. All afternoon Connections seminars, advocates and tutorials will take place as usual.

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