Connections 2015 Spring Term Seminars Announced!

IMG_4067Last Thursday, the Connections 2015 Spring Term Seminars were announced!  And they look fantastic!  Brand new classes like Raised By Wolves, Urban Survival Guide, and Over the River and Through The Woods will be taught along side Connections classics like Employment How and Play Fair.  You can now pick up a copy of our Spring Term Schedule in the Building 2120 Student Lounge.  Please make sure you have a registration time for Thursday, March 19 at Building 2120.  You will receive your Spring Term LTD bus pass on Thursday when you register for Connections Classes.

Don’t forget, the Plan An Event Beach Party will take place on Friday March 20 from 11 am to 2 pm.  And now a word from our Plan An Event promotions committee:

Iiiiiiiiit’s heeeere! That “““Beach”””* Party we’ve been talking about for a while now is right around the corner! This Friday (20th) from 11am-2pm! You’re gonna get your rocks socked off!

The Twitter account was updated with pretty much the same info, so you reading this are a step ahead of the curve.

*Heavy quotes added at the request of the Entertainment Committee


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