Connections Challenge: Be On Time For All Seminars

kval_ltd_busGreat news! We are back to a full week schedule! That’s right! We will have Connections all 5 days this week, and yes, it will be electrifying!

Now This Week’s Connections Challenge! Your challenge this week is to be on time for all your seminars, advocates and work crews.  What is the definition of on time?  On time means that you are in the classroom, at your seat 1 or 2 minutes before your class begins.  You will greatly benefit from getting in the habit of being on time.  You will need to be on time for a job or a college class; you will always make a great impression if you are on time!  

The Building 2120 Maintenance Team will paint the art room during Wednesday’s work crew. If you are on the Building 2120 Maintenance Team, please wear clothes and shoes that you won’t mind getting some paint on.

Remember, all Plan An Event committees must meet before Friday’s Plan An Event seminar. Your committee is responsible for writing a timeline to complete tasks. If you do not have your timeline form, please see Josh for a new form. If you have any questions, please see Josh before Friday. Remember to update you Goal Guide once you complete your meeting!

Plan An Event Committee Assignments:

Venue/Entertainment: Josh A, Jacob C

Budget: Davan, Dorothy

Catering: Kelsie, Josh P, Jeff C

Promotion/Guests: Connor, Yulinda



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