Do You Have A Registration Time?

IMG_3884Reminder: Winter Term Registration will be on Thursday, December 18 in Building 2120!  Make sure you have a registration time. Did you see the class offerings? Ace of Sear Simmer and Sizzle, I Ripped My Pants, Scavenger Hunt, Iron Chef: Twisted… that’s just to name a few.  It is going to be a great Winter Term.

We are excited that many of you will be attending Lane Community College.  We still would like you to register for Winter Term, even if you do not know your LCC schedule yet.  Pick your Connections classes now; we will easily be able to change them once you have your LCC schedule in January.

Please pick your Connections schedule carefully.  Don’t just pick your classes based on what your friends are doing, or because they look like fun.  Pick the seminars that will get you closer to your long term goal.  If your long term goal is to work, come to Employment How, or come to a work crew.  If your long term goal is to better manage your money, come to Scavenger Hunt or Plan an Event.

We will be holding a special activity  on Friday, December 19!  We will be holding stop #2 of the Connections Burger Tour: 5 Guys Burgers and Fries.  I don’t know about you, but I think that sounds delicious!  Please keep in mind, Connections is unable to pay for your burger. You do not have to pay for food to come to this event.  Hanging out with us at is free and always fun.

Here is our schedule for Friday, December 19.  I hope to see you there:

12:00 pm: Meet at Downtown LCC

12:30 pm: Board bus 51 (Bay E).  Get off bus at 8th and Washington Streets.  Walk to 5 Guys.

12:35 pm: Arrive at 5 Guys.  Hang Out!

1:35 pm: Board Bus 51 at 8th and Washington Streets.  Get off bus on River Road near Maurie Jacobs Park.  Walk to Valley River Center

1:45 pm: Arrive at Valley River Center.  Hang out and have fun!

2:51 pm: Board bus 67 at VRC Station.  Ride back to Downtown Eugene

3:05 pm: Arrive at Downtown Eugene.  Dismissed!

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