Congrats to Bill Grimwood for receiving a Turnaround Award!

IMG_2938I would like to thank everyone for attending the Mix It Up Assembly last week.  The Mix It Up was a huge success and a good time was had by all!  I would especially like to thank  Kyle and Nicole for their amazing speeches and telling us what life is like after Connections.

Congratulations to Bill Grimwood!  Bill will be receiving a Turnaround award on Wednesday.  The Turnaround Award Program is sponsored by Colleen Belotti that recognizes students from all over Eugene who have overcome great obstacles and achieve their goal.  Congratulations Bill!  We are all very proud of you in Connections!  Way to go!

Mark your planner!  We will have no school on Monday, May 26 in honor of Memorial Day!  All 4J programs are closed on Monday, May 26.  Enjoy your 3-day weekend!  What will you do with your time?  Note: Friday, May 23 is a school day…  In the beginning of the year, Friday, May 23 was a Furlough Day.  However, 4J added that day back on the calendar to make up for the days missed in December and February due to snow.

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