Slight Change to Our End of Term Schedule

IMG_2578The snow is melting and school is back!  Yes!!!!  I am very excited to be back in school with you all.

Since we missed so much school, there has been a slight change to our end of term schedule.

Our schedule for the rest of the fall term is below:

Friday, December 13: Regular Schedule

Monday, December 16: Regular Schedule

Tuesday, December 17: Regular Schedule

Wednesday, December 18: Staff Grading Day/No Advocates/Seminars/Work Crews

Thursday, December 19: Registration for Winter Term!  Sign up for a registration time today!

Friday, December 20: Regular Schedule and End of Term Community Enrichment!  NOTE: This is a change.  We will be having a regular schedule to make up for some of the days we missed due to snow (the other days will be made up during the Winter and Spring terms).

Our End of term Community Enrichment will be a trip to Top City Yogurt.  We will meet in the Transition Building at 2 pm on Friday, December 20!  It will be electrifying!  Students must bring their own money if they choose to purchace frozen yogurt.  If you do not choose to eat, that is OK.  Hanging out is free and always fun!

Here is our schedule for Friday’s End of Term Event:

2:00 pm: Meet at Transition Building Blue Room

2:35 pm: Get on Bus 36 to Top City Yogurt

2:45 pm: Arrive at Top City Yogurt.  Eat. Hang out. Have Fun.

3:40 pm: Get on Bus 36 to return to Transition Building

4:00 pm: Return To Transition Building: Dismissed!

Oh, did I tell you that our Winter Term Seminars have been announced?  Check this out:

Connections Winter 2014 Term Seminar Grid: Student Copy

GED Prep 9 am Monday, Tuesday, Friday

10 am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

1:30 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  
9 My Pants RippedArt Room What Are You Going To Do About It?Blue Room        
10 Escape The DramaBlue Room Sign Language SeminarBlue Room Smart ShoppingGreen Room In The NewsGreen Room   Ready Or NotBlue Room   What Are You Going To Do About It?Blue Room    
Cooking StaplesMock Apartment  
11 Cooking CasserolesMock Apartment Pay To PlayBlue Room   Character CountsBlue Room Slow Down MarioGreen Room  Artistic LivingArt Room NewsletterCathyLibrary


Mod Your RecipeBlue Room/Mock Apartment  
12:30   In The NewsGreen Room Slow Down MarioBlue Room  Ready Or NotGreen Room     Plan an EventBlue Room Escape The DramaBlue Room     
Artistic LivingArt Room Salvation Army Work Crew ReStore Work Crew    
1:30   Employment: SuccessBlue Room Employment: How?Green Room Pay to PlayBlue Room Community ChallengeDowntown LCC  
Girls’ GroupDowntown LCC  
2:30   Transition Building Maintenance TeamGreen Room   Guy’s GroupBlue Room    
3:30 Goal GuideEugene Research InstituteAtrium Building


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