Build The Connections Community!

iPhoto.appOur goal this week is to improve our School Culture.  One way we can accomplish this is to build the Connections Community.  This week, remember to be friendly to each other.  Say hello as you see someone in the hall way, invite someone you don’t know very well to have lunch with you.  Above all, respect each others’ differences.  No one is perfect, and some might have challenges that are different than yours.  Be more tolerant of each others needs.

I would like to thank those that came to the Alumni Afternoon Planning Meeting!  We came up with a great plan for Alumni Afternoon, I just need to run it by the Connections Staff before making the announcement…

And now a word from Schuyler Davis:

Shadow Hunters Gaming is Recruiting!!! Are you somebody who loves playing the XBOX 360 or the PS3? Are you looking for gamers who are into the same games you are? Do you want to be part of a community of gamers that is fun and will allow you to earn promotions and be things like a recruitment officer, undercover operations specialist, etc…? Then join Shadow Hunters Gaming. We are recruiting heavily and nobody is turned away. We will make you into the best gamer you can be. Check out our website: and sign up. It is free to join and free to play. We play call of duty among other things. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Schuyler Davis via email( please title subject as SHG Info), Meeko(XBOX GAMERTAG: Meekorockz), who is one of our recruitment officers, or you can leave me a message on the message board. however you choose to contact us, please make sure to include your real name  See you in the gaming world!
-Schuyler Davis
Clan Leader of Shadow Hunters Gaming, Internal Affairs Officer,
Undercover Operations Divison Co-Leader

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