The Achievment Board and The Cooking Tutorial Wall of Fame!

IMG_2536We want to recognize your amazing achievements!  Connections has an achievement board hanging in the hallway of the Transition Building.  Do you know of someone in Connections that deserves recognition?  It could be someone who has begun paid employment, earned their learner’s permit, cooked a meal for their family or passed an LCC Credit class.  Let’s get your achievements up there, and celebrate your success!  Please see Josh to noimiate someone for the achievement board.

The Cooking Tutorial Wall of Fame is looking for pictures!  If you cook something at home, please take a picture of yourself holding your delicious creation!  We will be very excited to hang your picture on our wall! Last year, we almost filled the entire wall with your cooking pictures.  Let’s do it again this year!

We have a full week of class this week.  And yes, it will be electrifying!

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