Mobility Spring-20

Here are problems to work on that are relating to MOBILITY and accessing the community goals:

Week 1: 

Bus Plan Story Problem  

Make a bus plan that works for this imaginary bus trip.  Work as independently as you can, but you may ask for help if you need it.

Susan works weekdays at a coffee shop near the U of O (1 block from Dad’s Gate bus stop).  She lives in an apartment at Fountain Villa (Sheldon Plaza).

Make a bus plan that gets her to U of O on time for her morning shift (she starts at 10:00 am). Include a Back-Up plan in case she misses the bus (this is the bus plan – going).

Finish the bus plan so she goes straight home after work. She is done with work at 2:00 pm. (This is the bus plan – back).  Make a Back-Up plan in case she misses her bus (sometimes she stays to have a cup of tea after her shift ☺).


Bus Plan Story Problem  (Downtown Eugene)

Make a bus plan that works for this imaginary bus trip.  Work as independently as you can, but you may ask for help if you need it.

Susan lives in an apartment at Fountain Villa (the same apartment complex as CLP).  She wants to spend Monday afternoon with her friends downtown for lunch and a visit to the Eugene Public Library. Make a plan that gets her to Eugene Station (ES) by 1:00 pm to meet her friends. (This is the bus plan – going). 

The group of friends will spend about 3 hours downtown.  Finish the bus plan so she goes straight home from ES. (This is the bus plan – back). 


Back up plans

Discussion Questions

What is a back up plan?

Why do we have them?

Are back up plans always written?

Are back up plans always planned ahead?

Give some examples of back up plans you’ve used in the past:

Was it written?

Was it planned ahead?

Imagine unexpected situations that would need a back up plan:

What would you do (what would your back up plan be)?

If you couldn’t think of a back up plan, or couldn’t choose one to use, what    would you do?


Write about one imaginary situation that would need a back up plan. 

What is the situation? (some possible ideas: You were going to have a birthday party over Spring break, but now nobody can get together at your house for the party; You’re almost out of toilet paper and your neighborhood grocery store hasn’t had any in a couple of weeks)

What would your back up plan be? Please ask for help writing if you would like help ☺

































Destinations Urban Connections : all students meet at LCC 3rd floor at 1:00pm


March 5th   Market Of Choice (Willakenzie) 

Bus # 67  @ 1:16pm  (Backup 1:36)   ,   Going back: Bus #66  @ 2:36  (backup @ 2:55) 


February 27th Grocery Outlet

Bus #55 @ 1:13 (arrive at 1:45)    Going Back: #52  @ 2:55

February 20th OVRS (on Chad dr)

Bus # 67  @ 1:16 (backup 1:36)  ,    going back    Bus #66   at 2:49pm

February 13th    Campbell Center  (+ tour of surrounding area) 

Bus # 1   @ 1:00   (let’s meet in the LCC Lobby at 12:45)      Bus back: @ 3:08

February 6th.     SAFEWAY  (E18th & Oak)

Bus # 82   @ 1:38    arrive 1:44 

Back Bus #82  @ 2:47   arrive 2:56

Gateway Mall (Target etc.)

Bus: 12 @  1:28       Bus back:  #12    @  2:55   

Jan 23rd    Bike Friday: 

Bus EmX  @ 1:28  (arrive 1:52)   Back: Bus EmX @ 2:53

Jan 16   VRC

Bus #66 @ 1:20     , Going back:   Bus # 67 @ 2:48  (backup at 3:07)

Jan 9th    YMCA

Bus# 28 @ 1:28      Going Back: Bus# 28 @ 3:00

Delta Oaks: # 66 at 12:58 ,    back: # 66 at  2:28 

PK-Park:   # 13 at 1:27    ,    Back # 2:45 

(or take # 67 AND #66 AND WALK !)


May 30th  bus #66   12:58  ,   Back #67   2:25


Project Search – River Bend hospital

BUS# EmX 12:47      Back Bus # EmX  2:18


What are the requirements to get on the internship? 

18 or older, not in school, willing to commit to 6h/day for 8 months (September – May).  

Are you hiring / openings for the internship / application process? 

Yes, summer applications are due ASAP.

The Fall registration is also due soon. There are several application forms and interviews to get accepted into the program. 

What are job duties / tasks involved in working here? 

*Kitchen (food prep, serving, stocking, cashier / front desk, cleaning restaurant/tables, )

*Care provider: check on patients and help as needed (blankets, water, food, pillows, what ever they need).

*Janitorial: cleaning, cleaning rooms, make beds (blankets, pillows…), yard-work, landscaping, 

Is it paid? If so, how much? 


Is there a shorter internship? 

Yes, there is a summer internship. And it is a paid internship (most likely minimum wage). It would be 4 hours per day and 5 days/week. 

4h x 10 = $40 per day

40 per day x 5 = $200 per week    WOW!!!

Do you serve food? Do you need a food handlers card? 

Yes, and yes. 

How old do you have to be?

18 or older (you can not be “dual enrolled with both 4J and the internship). 


May 16th, EMU at the UofO

Bus# EmX there (leave at 1:00-ish) and Back on EmX at 2:30-ish.


Are you hiring? No, but always looking for help / people to hire. 

How old do I have to be to work here? 18 or 16 if only working at the Pizza place

Do I have to be a UofO student to work here? NO

What is the best things with working here? Free Pizza 🙂 , and great co-workers.

What training or education do you need to work here? None, we will train you.

How many pizzas do you sell in a week? ……

How many locations do you have. 3


May 9th.     

Goodwill       Adr: 855 Seneca Rd (on W11th )
There Bus: EmX @ 1:08pm   —–     Back: Bus#EmX 2:34pm.
How old do I have to be to work here?
What do you sell in this store (or donate)?
donations like: at times shipped between alaska and other places (depending on how inventory).

Do you sell everything that is being donated?

Nope, “trash/garbage” bags of deer guts/animal intestines, abags of trash, single shoes (use rubber OR send to …. 
What is the most expensive item you’ve gotten donated? 
Diamond – $ 12000 , Painting (art). 
What is the biggest item you’ve gotten? Cars & trucks  (but StVincent get more of this).
Do you have anything that once belonged to a celebrity?
Marcus Mariotta

How much money do you sell for in a year? Profit? 

sell for: $1.4 million in sales. 

What do you do with items that do not sell?
ship to other stores, or send to recycle plants 
Are you hiring? How long is the training for an entry level job?
YES!!, 13 positions open right NOW!! all paid at least minimum wage if not going through a training program. If in training program it varies from $4.25 / hour….
Do you have donations pick-ups? (do you come to the house to pick larger items e.g. couch, freezer, ..)
yes, sure. 
Most important for being hired: hard work, team work, easy going, safety, 
GOTA= greeting, officer assistance, thanking .., ask to come back.

May 2nd – No BusTrip 

April 25th     Sheppard motors

EMX @ 1:11 pm. Arrive 1:19 pm Garfield & 6th and walk.

Return: Depart @ 2:28pm Garfield & 7th. Arrive Eugene Station 2:39pm.
Sheppard Motors Q’s
1. What kind of entry level positions do you have?
detailing cars, —–
2. What are starting wages?
Minimum wage
3. How old do you have to be?
16 years
4. What do you look for in an employee?
follow through and get the job done, hard working
5. Do you have support for new employees?
yes, they offer on-site trianing
6. Are you hiring now?
not at this moment but you can always hand in your resume
7. What kinds of cars do you sell?
preowned, used, new. Volvo’s , Hyundai , VW, —and soon…AoooUDeeeiiI
8. What is the best thing about working here?
Community ( felt like a family), 



SLLEA – Housing

April 18th   Bus# 33 @ 1:27pm    ,  Back  Bus# 33  @ 2:25pm


  1. What does it take to get in?
  2. How long is the wait list?
  3. Do you have houses/apartments?
  4. How many different houses?
  5. Why do you have so many strict rules to be apart of SLLEA?
  6. What is the application process? What do I need to submit?
  7. Where is your office?
  8. What are the housing options? What type of apartments / sizes.?
  9. How many people can live in one house, and do you get to pick your roommate?


First impression:

Look presentable (nice & clean)/.

Be polite & respectful: ask questions, smiling, eye-contact,


VRC   bus#66 @ 12:58   ,  back  #67  @ 2:25

We plan on visit Barnes & Noble and other stores – easy trip 🙂

April 11th: Spfld Stn: bus EmX @ 1:00    , Back: EmX @ 2:20

(we will browse Springfield downtown and get a feel for where the art-walk will be on Friday 12th).


April 4th    VRC and visit Barnes and Noble

Bus : There  BUS#66 _____   back BUS#67______



Cottage grove race track


Matt Knight Arena & PK Park




Museum – UofO , Art/Lane historical


Fairgrounds – lane event center


Farm (alpaca , animal…)


Urgent care – hospital (River Bend)






“Community Challenge” Trips planned WIN term -19:

Oakway Center – bus #12 @ 12:57, or #67 @ 1:17     back: Back bus # 66 @ 2:20


VRC – Barnes & Noble

Matt Knight Arena

5th st INN

Cottage Grove


Trips Completed: 

3/12  Friendly area: Bus # 33 @ 1:27,   back #33 @ 2:23


3/5   visit KRVM radio station  (Keeping Real Variety in Music) radio station , located behind Sheldon High School. 

Bus 67 to Sheldon @ 12:57    Going back bus# 66 @ 2:24

I took a field trip to Sheldon radio station KRVM and when I first got there my impression is the rooms were very small. I also met two people. One man who was the head announcer and in control of the music and equipment. Another person was in control of CDs and the disk storage where he also works on the computer. I asked them a question. It was if they do any special events for certain callers. He said yes, but not often as they do Monday events every other Monday. My impression at the end was it seems like an interesting place to attend regularly.


2/19 LCC Main Campus;    Bus#82, 1:08 – 1:29pm, Back: #82: 2:04-2:26pm , or 2:34-2:56pm

2/12   Chad Dr – VOC Rehab office, (Costco etc) – Bus #67 @ 12:57 . Back from Costco #66 @ 2:20

Voc Rehab Questions:

  1. What’s your favorite tea / coffee? Chai latte
  2. What is the number one thing you want to see/get from someone signing up for services? 2 different id’s (state id, drivers license, birth cert, passport)
  3. At what age should I sign up with OVRS? 16 and older
  4. What are the entry level job opportunities OVRS can help set up? interest based – chef start with food prep/dishwasher/ (food handlers card)
  5. How long does it take to get a job? 2 months elig. 3 months (attendance matters)
  6. Do you teach classes here (how long are they?) Nope, but work with LILA, GoodWill
  7. What services are available at this building? work w LCDDS, Employment goals, Employment development, job-coaches, work on resumes. 
  8. What are some of the top qualities employers are looking for when hiring? SHOW UP , punctual, hygiene, dress nice (for your job), be on time, reliable, respectful and take feedback, pos. attitude, 


2/5 Delta Oaks Bus#: 66 @ 12:58, back #66 @ 2:07

Guitar Center and GoodWill

1/29 UofO (ride EmX 12:58 to Campus, Ride EmX back 2:30)

1/22 Gateway #12 @12:58  , back #12 @ 2:26 (Anders adventure)

1/15 VRC








Map it Fall-18


11/22 – no school


11/8:    VRC

11/1:    LCC Main Campus

10/25: Lane Work Source (Coburg Rd @ Oakway) 

10/18:  Springfield downtown area

10/11:  – no school

10/4:   Delta Oaks (GoodWill, Guitar Center…..)

10/2: Free opportunity!!! (perhaps incentive..? see below)

I am working with the City of Eugene and Lane Transit District on a project called MovingAhead.   MovingAhead is planning future investments to make our local transportation system safer and more usable for everyone, especially for people walking, biking, using mobility devices, and riding the bus.  The streets where these investment options are being planned are: River Road, Coburg Road, 30th Avenue down to LCC, Highway 99 and MLK, Jr. Blvd.

Community engagement is an important part of the project, and we need to hear from all voices in the community to determine what future investments to make.  We would like your help reaching staff and/or students that can provide important insight about where and how they are traveling to and from school and within Eugene. 

One upcoming opportunity to participate is this coming Tuesday, Oct. 2nd (invite below):

You are invited to participate in an informative discussion about the MovingAhead project on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd from 4:30-6:00PM. The meeting will be held in the South Eugene High School Cafeteria, located at 400 E 19th Ave in Eugene.  At this event, you’ll have an opportunity to learn about the project from City of Eugene and Lane Transit District staff, and share your insights.  

  We hope you can join us to be part of the discussion and help build a better transportation future for Eugene!

 For more information and to RSVP, contact Adrienne DeDona, community outreach lead, at 360-903-4792, or visit the project website at

                                  Refreshments will be provided! Students are also encouraged to attend and we can provide transit passes and/or gift cards to incentivize their participation. If you know any students that would like to come, please let us know in advance.

We know this is short notice, so understand if you cannot attend this meeting.  We do want to engage with you and the students you serve.  Please let us know the best way to do that. 

Thank you, Adrienne


9/27 :   Grass Roots Garden (Coburg Rd / Sheldon area)

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