Community Challenge!

Trips planned:

Oakway Center – bus #12 @ 12:57, or #67 @ 1:17     back: Back bus # 66 @ 2:20


VRC – Barnes & Noble

Matt Knight Arena

5th st INN

Cottage Grove


Trips Completed: 

3/12  Friendly area: Bus # 33 @ 1:27,   back #33 @ 2:23


3/5   visit KRVM radio station  (Keeping Real Variety in Music) radio station , located behind Sheldon High School. 

Bus 67 to Sheldon @ 12:57    Going back bus# 66 @ 2:24

I took a field trip to Sheldon radio station KRVM and when I first got there my impression is the rooms were very small. I also met two people. One man who was the head announcer and in control of the music and equipment. Another person was in control of CDs and the disk storage where he also works on the computer. I asked them a question. It was if they do any special events for certain callers. He said yes, but not often as they do Monday events every other Monday. My impression at the end was it seems like an interesting place to attend regularly.


2/19 LCC Main Campus;    Bus#82, 1:08 – 1:29pm, Back: #82: 2:04-2:26pm , or 2:34-2:56pm

2/12   Chad Dr – VOC Rehab office, (Costco etc) – Bus #67 @ 12:57 . Back from Costco #66 @ 2:20

Voc Rehab Questions:

  1. What’s your favorite tea / coffee? Chai latte
  2. What is the number one thing you want to see/get from someone signing up for services? 2 different id’s (state id, drivers license, birth cert, passport)
  3. At what age should I sign up with OVRS? 16 and older
  4. What are the entry level job opportunities OVRS can help set up? interest based – chef start with food prep/dishwasher/ (food handlers card)
  5. How long does it take to get a job? 2 months elig. 3 months (attendance matters)
  6. Do you teach classes here (how long are they?) Nope, but work with LILA, GoodWill
  7. What services are available at this building? work w LCDDS, Employment goals, Employment development, job-coaches, work on resumes. 
  8. What are some of the top qualities employers are looking for when hiring? SHOW UP , punctual, hygiene, dress nice (for your job), be on time, reliable, respectful and take feedback, pos. attitude, 


2/5 Delta Oaks Bus#: 66 @ 12:58, back #66 @ 2:07

Guitar Center and GoodWill

1/29 UofO (ride EmX 12:58 to Campus, Ride EmX back 2:30)

1/22 Gateway #12 @12:58  , back #12 @ 2:26 (Anders adventure)

1/15 VRC








Map it Fall-18


11/22 – no school


11/8:    VRC

11/1:    LCC Main Campus

10/25: Lane Work Source (Coburg Rd @ Oakway) 

10/18:  Springfield downtown area

10/11:  – no school

10/4:   Delta Oaks (GoodWill, Guitar Center…..)

10/2: Free opportunity!!! (perhaps incentive..? see below)

I am working with the City of Eugene and Lane Transit District on a project called MovingAhead.   MovingAhead is planning future investments to make our local transportation system safer and more usable for everyone, especially for people walking, biking, using mobility devices, and riding the bus.  The streets where these investment options are being planned are: River Road, Coburg Road, 30th Avenue down to LCC, Highway 99 and MLK, Jr. Blvd.

Community engagement is an important part of the project, and we need to hear from all voices in the community to determine what future investments to make.  We would like your help reaching staff and/or students that can provide important insight about where and how they are traveling to and from school and within Eugene. 

One upcoming opportunity to participate is this coming Tuesday, Oct. 2nd (invite below):

You are invited to participate in an informative discussion about the MovingAhead project on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd from 4:30-6:00PM. The meeting will be held in the South Eugene High School Cafeteria, located at 400 E 19th Ave in Eugene.  At this event, you’ll have an opportunity to learn about the project from City of Eugene and Lane Transit District staff, and share your insights.  

  We hope you can join us to be part of the discussion and help build a better transportation future for Eugene!

 For more information and to RSVP, contact Adrienne DeDona, community outreach lead, at 360-903-4792, or visit the project website at

                                  Refreshments will be provided! Students are also encouraged to attend and we can provide transit passes and/or gift cards to incentivize their participation. If you know any students that would like to come, please let us know in advance.

We know this is short notice, so understand if you cannot attend this meeting.  We do want to engage with you and the students you serve.  Please let us know the best way to do that. 

Thank you, Adrienne


9/27 :   Grass Roots Garden (Coburg Rd / Sheldon area)