February 10, 2014

By Allan  


Hi All,

I hope everyone stayed safe this weekend with the scary road conditions. I did enjoy watching the snow come down and playing with my kids outside, but I was definitely less enchanted by the snow this time around.

Nine items of note this week:

• Design Team Update – Our meeting was snowed out last Thursday, so no updates this week except to say it was great to see so many people turn out for the Community Open House last Tuesday. It was actually too bad our meeting was cancelled because the Howard team was fired up to present an alternative to having the coat closets inside the classrooms. Attached are the site and building plans from the last meeting and don’t forget about the Pinterest page if you want to share any ideas you find online.

• We Won’t Stop Until… – I shared this at our January 31st meeting and I’ve heard from a few staff member, but please take a moment to look at the “We Won’t Stop Until…” document and let me know by email or in person if there is anything on there that you thing should be added, changed or deleted if 4J were to create their own document like this. Keep in mind that this document is an ideal that we are working towards.

• OBOB Final Battle & Awards Assembly 2/14 at 10:15 – This Friday at 10:15 will be an optional OBOB assembly for classes wanting to see the final OBOB Battle between the top two Howard Teams. The winner will represent Howard at the the regional OBOB competition. I want to try out my U-shaped seating arrangement for this assembly to see if it work or not. Attached is an assembly map and schedule if your class will be attending.

• EEF Grant – T-Shirt School Pride Project Meeting – One EEF grant we were awarded this year was a school pride project to purchase a Howard t-shirt for every student. It was submitted by me, but plagiarized from one written by Erin. I’d like to set up a committee to work on the shirts; designing and logistics for ordering and distributing. My vote for a design will be to go with the retro 1970s Howard t-shirt design, which I think could be fun and done in honor of the old building being torn down soon. Here’s a picture of me in the shirt, circa 1978, but if you think nostalgia is clouding good taste, come to the T-Shirt Planning Meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 2:10-2:40 in the library.


• UO EdF field students for Howard – The UO Educational Foundations (EdF) major would like to provide extra academic support in classrooms. The UO has 86 EdF junior field students for the Spring term (weeks of March 31 – June 6, 2014). See the email for details, but the short version is student will assist in the classroom for 30 hours total (approximately 3 one hour block per week for 10 weeks). If you’re interested, email Jeanne Hall the following information by Friday, February 14th:

1. Your name, grade, school, and email.
2. Your preferred days and 3-4 hr time block per day.
3. The type of classroom setting you have (general ed., special ed., ELD, etc.)
4. If you wish to have 1 or 2 field experience students at separate times.

• Student Teacher/Practicum Placement Reminder from HR – Speaking of practicum students, HR asked principals to remind staff that 4J has agreements with only five universities from whom we can accept student teachers and practicum students: Pacific University, the University of Oregon, Northwest Christian University, Oregon State University, and Willamette University. If you are approached by a program outside of these five regarding a placement, please direct them to Tom Di Liberto, to inquire about placement in 4J. See the attached email if you’d like more details.

• Kinder Readiness Results – The state has released the results of the kindergarten readiness assessment, which were administered this fall. The results will not surprise anyone who works in schools, but I think these reports may be the impetus for the state to start funding more PreK opportunities for students of color and students in poverty.

• Math Madness Contest at TenMarks.com – Have your kids show off their math skills and enter for a chance to win prizes, including a Kindle Fire and $500 Amazon Gift Card. Starting March 3rd you can enter the contest at TenMarks.com

• Schedule of Events for the Week – See the Google Calendar for future events, but here are the events of note for this week:

February 10 (M)
EasyCBM Reading and Math Progress Monitoring 8
2:30-3:30, New Copy Machine Training

February 11 (T)
First Day of Music
8:30-4:00, Allison, Erin and Allan to Jon Saphier Training (Ed Center)
2:30-3:30, IPBS Meeting (Room 4)

February 12 (W)
1:30, Allan meeting with Sara Cramer (Howard Office)

February 13 (H)
2:30-4:30, Design Team Meeting (Library)
6:00-7:00, PTO – Parent Appreciation Night (Cafeteria)

February 14 (F)

Valentine’s Day
Specialist Report Cards to Classroom Teachers
10:15-10:45, OBOB Final Battle & Awards Assembly
2:30-3:30, Parent Laptop Training

Enjoy your three-day President’s Day Weekend!