Monthly Archives: March 2020

March 30, 2020

  Hello Roadrunners, I’m sending my announcements earlier than normal so everyone knows the plans for next week sooner than later. Principals have had multiple virtual meetings this week (the last one Friday afternoon) and the state is still not providing a lot of guidance on expectations for remote learning, so 4J is in the […]

March 24, 2020 – Post Spring Break Update

  Hi Everyone, It’s still spring break, so feel free to ignore this email, but principals had a Zoom Meeting with downtown today, which I thought staff would appreciate an update on sooner than later. This is a very fluid situation and directives from the state change daily, but this is the latest and more […]

Optional Zoom Staff Meeting Notes

  Hello Howard Staff, I know everyone loves Friday meetings, so why not hold a virtual meeting, even during a pandemic? It was nice getting to see peoples’ faces who joined the Zoom Meeting, but for those who couldn’t, below are some items of note. As always, please feel free to call, text, or email […]

March 16, 2020

  Hi Everyone, I was planning to hold off on sending staff announcements, but I’ve gotten a fair number of questions on various activities impacted by the school closure and other safety measures. I don’t have all the answers, but thought I’d let you know what we DO and DO NOT know at this point. […]

March 9, 2020

  Howdy Roadrunners, You may have lost an hour this weekend, but this will cheer you up. There’s only two weeks until spring break! Thirteen items of note for this week: • 2020-2021 Staffing Updates – We have tentatively received an additional 1.5 licensed FTE from SIA (Student Investment Act, formerly SSA) funds. This is […]