WEEK EIGHT: May 22-26

Agenda for Monday, 22 May 2017:

  • For Everyone:  Lab Safety REMINDERS!!!
  • Finish gathering data for the Acidic Milk Lab
  • When finished put your data on the board and write other people’s data down…. if you don’t have enough space, add an additional line to your table.

Measuring pH changes when acid is introduced in cheese making.

Agenda for Tuesday, 23 May 2017:

Agenda for Wednesday, 24 May 2017:

  • OMSI

Agenda for Thursday/Friday, 25/26 May 2017:

  • Finish Lab Report/ Missing Work
  • Extra Credit: Take Notes and look for connections to acid and bases
  • Elements that make up our world: Hunting the Elements
    We’re talking about acids and bases, but lets back up a bit and look at the atoms that are the building blocks of the molecules that then make up everything around us.