Fall 2017 Weeks 1-2

Agenda for Thursday/Friday, 7/8 September 2017:
-Draw a Scientist
-Gum Project/Questions
  • Each group needs:
    1. Ruler
    2. 2 paper clips
    3. Calipers
    4. A piece of gum for each student

Create a way of organizing your data.  Make a table documenting your trials.

Agenda for Monday, 11 September 2017:

-Expectations: for both you and me
Safety In The Science Classroom Lab And Field
-Intro to Lab Reports/Formatting
-Citing Sources: Choose3 videos from below.  Watch write a short summary and create a MLA citation for the video.  Print your summary and citation
Check out the following citation websites for easy formatting help:
Make sure each paper includes the following:

Agenda for Tuesday, 12 September 2017:

Check-in: Assignments due/Synergy Updates/Citing Papers

What is matter?

Is it matter?  (Class activity)

Agenda for Wednesday, 13 September 2017:

Facts about Butter

More Facts about Butter

Butter Battle Lab

Agenda for Thursday, 14 September 2017:


-Atom Building Game (Group Activity)

Hunting the Elements

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