Fall Chemistry Week 5-6

Week 5: October 2-6

Physical/Chemical Changes in Matter


Changes in Coffee Roasting

Coffee Roasting Observations (Use/turn in observation sheet)

Ice Cream Lab: Cold Milk

Cold Milk Lab: Measuring Energy Transfer in the Creation of Ice Cream

  • Read the background info and then create a hypothesis before starting the lab
  • At the end of this experiment you will have ice cream that is solid. When the cream reaches a solid phase, do you think the temperature of the ice will be the same as the temperature of the cream, higher than the temperature of the cream, or lower than the temperature of the cream?
  • Make a hypothesis stating what you predict the temperature will be in relation to the temperature of the cream at the conclusion of making ice cream, with an explanation of why you believe this to be true.

Week 6: Oct 9-12

Gummy Invertebrate Lab

Grading Period

Scientist Facebook Poster Due

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