Week 7

WEEK SEVEN: May 15-19

Agenda for Monday, 15 May 2017:

Agenda for Tuesday, 16 May 2017:

  • Acids + Bases Presentation: Acid + Base Presentation 
    • Take organized Cornell notes and ask questions
    • Learning Targets: (What you are trying to walk away with…)
      • Differentiate between acids and bases.
      • Define pH.
      • Explain the significance of acids, bases, and pH to living organisms and the environment.
  • Acid Base Exploration Prep
  • Water: Acid or Base?
Agenda for Wednesday, 17 May 2017:
Online Lab: Complete the packet as we explore and try to accomplish the following goals:
  • Students will be able to know each pH level of the 11 different given basic substances;
  • To be able to know how dilution affects the pH level of the given substances
Investigating the pH level of the 11 different basic substances

If you finish the lab, you can start watching the NOVA video below.  Color the periodic table with the similar family types.

Elements that make up our world: Hunting the Elements

We’re talking about acids and bases, but lets back up a bit and look at the atoms that are the building blocks of the molecules that then make up everything around us. 

Agenda for Thursday, 18 May 2017:

In Class: Measuring pH Indicator practice

pH Scale phet Investigation

Click on the following link to access the digital lab:

pH Scale Digital Lab part 2

Agenda for Friday, 19 May 2017:

Measuring pH changes when acid is introduced in cheese making.

Acidic Milk Lab

Measuring pH changes when acid is introduced in cheese making.

Key Terms:

independent variable: A variable is any factor, trait, or condition that can exist in differing amounts or types.  The independent variable is the one that is changed by the scientist.

acid: Any chemical compound that will raise the amount of hydrogen ions (H+) above the amount of hydrogen ions found in water

base: a solution that has an excess of OH- ions above the amount of hydroxide ions found in water.  Another word for base is alkali.

Hydrogen ion: A hydrogen atom that has no electrons, and therefore has a positive charge.  It is highly reactive.

pH: A scale that measures how acidic or basic a solution is. The scale measures from 0 to 14, with water a neutral substance with a pH of 7.


Instead of predicting an exact value, for this experiment we will be predicting a relationship. In other words, what is going to be the trend of the data that we are about to collect?

For this experiment, what do you think will happen to the amount of cheese as we increase the amount of acid used? Will it increase or decrease? Make a hypothesis stating whether you think the amount of cheese will increase or decrease as we use more acid to make our cheese. Make sure your hypothesis includes an explanation of why you think this will occur.

Hypothesis (may look like this)

I think the amount of cheese will __________________________ (increase or decrease) as we use more acid to make our cheese, because_______________________________________________________________.


Acid Used    /   Amount of Cheese Created

WEEK SIX: May 8-12

WEEK SIX: May 8-12 (Mid-Term Grades on Friday)

Agenda for Monday, 8 May 2017:

  • Lab Prep for Tomorrow
    • Variable Introductions
  • Designing a Lab

Agenda for Tuesday, 9 May 2017:

  • Gummy Invertebrate Lab
    • Design your experiment
    • Run your tests

Agenda for Wednesday, 10 May 2017:

  • Gummy Invertebrate Lab
    • Finish your lab
    • Finish your tests
    • Start lab report

Agenda for Thursday, 11 May 2017:

  • Gummy Invertebrate Lab Report Finish
    • Choose to do your final lab report on either the Gummy Invertebrate Lab or the Cold Milk Lab
    • Type the report and follow the lab report directions listed under week 2
    • Once finished explore the interactive periodic table
      • The Periodic Table of Videos
      • Choose 5 different elements to watch videos about
        • Write a short summary of each video make sure to list the element
        • Take it deeper and do your own research. 
      • Make sure everything is in your folders! Thanks!



Agenda for Monday, 1 May 2017

Missing Work Make Up Time

Diet Coke and Mentos Mythbusters

Agenda for Tuesday, 2 May 2017:

Working independently today, you should complete the following material and place in your folder.  The lab we will be completing on Thursday will be exploring a change between solid and liquid.  To be prepared, understanding the following background material will be helpful.

  • Exploring States of Matter
    • Read the following PDF
      • StatesOfMatter
      • Answer questions(Understanding and Inquiring) pg 16:  1-8
      • Answer questions 1-12 from pg 18 Looking Back (either print the page on answer on a separate piece of paper)
    • Watch and take notes on the following videos on Liquids and Solids

Agenda for Wednesday, 3 May 2017:

Check in, chemistry style

Intro to tomorrow’s lab.  (Its delicious and there will be no official lab report due, just the lab packet)

Finish yesterday’s material

Agenda for Thursday, 4 May 2017:

May the Forth Be With You

Image result for star wars day
  • Cold Milk Lab: Measuring Energy Transfer in the Creation of Ice Cream
    • Read the background info and then create a hypothesis before starting the lab

WEEK FIVE: May 1-4

WEEK FIVE: May 1-4

Agenda for 1-2 May 2017:

  • Meet with Steve’s Advisory
  • Grade Checks with Your Teachers

Agenda for Wednesday, 3 May 2017:

  • Weekly check in
  • Grade Checks and Goals
    • There is one week left before grades come out for the current grading window
    • Please check in with your teachers and find out your current grades from them

Make sure your folder has the following:

  1. Academic Road Map: Use your transcript to reflect on your academic career
  2. Peer Interview Questions/Summary: Include your list of questions and how you felt doing the interview
  3. Your Story/I Am Poem
  4. My Accomplishment/Owning Feelings
  5. Grade Check Form

Agenda for Thursday, 4 May 2017:

Image result for May 4th

  • Mindset Exercise

WEEK FOUR: April 24-28

Agenda for 24-26 April 2017:


Agenda for Thursday, 27 April 2017:

  • Weekly check in
  • Students who aren’t finished with SBAC testing-extended time to finish in room 108

Agenda for Friday, 28 April 2017:

  • Finish weekly check-in
  • Students who aren’t finished with SBAC testing-extended time to finish in room 108