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Math in Your Future Career

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How many times have you sat in a math class and asked yourself, “Why do I have to learn this? Will I ever use this with the job I’m going to have!” But math is important. You will use some kind of math for the rest of your life in just about everything you do. Don’t believe me? Let’s do some research and you’re going to be surprised.


Over the next few days you will be searching the Internet to discover your career interests and their link to mathematics. First, you will take a test to help you decide on a possible career that will work best for your interest level at this point in your life. After the test you will start your research to determine how math connects to your chosen career by using the links provided and outside interviews. Finally, you will design a Google Slides presentation based on your research.


Career Interest Test

Career Interest Test #2

Math Careers Database

More Math Careers Database


  1. Take the career discovery interest quiz by clicking on the link in the resources section, if you need help choosing a job.  There are two surveys, choose one.  Choose ONLY those items that you have an interest in doing now or might like to do in the future. Be selective and HONEST! DO NOT CHOOSE ALL OF THE QUESTIONS!!! If you don’t need help choosing a job, go to step 4.
  1. After you have clicked “SUBMIT”, your results will be listed in one or more of the six interest areas. Write your top interest area down.
  1. Click on the back arrow once if you have more than one interest area and repeat Step 4 until all of your interest areas have been filled in on your notes page.
  1. Once question #1 has been completed, answer question #2. Choose one career that will be the topic of your project. If you decide to change the topic during the course of this project, discuss this with your teacher and realize people’s interests change all the time.
  1. Use the links in the resources section to answer the questions on your research sheet that you printed out in the beginning. These questions will help you with your final presentation. You must answer these questions after you read and research your specific job title.

Now you can begin putting your final project together! By using the information you learned from your research and interview, create a slide show with at least 5 slides and no more than 10 using Microsoft Power Point. Remember to give credit to your resources when needed. You may use a separate slide for this, but this does not count as one of your required 5.

The Project



Uses of Math in “your” career.

Remember! The more examples and the more specific the examples are, the better the grade.


Use of correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Slide Show –

Included 5 – 10 slides with the required information about the topic.

Include 1 resource slide (does not count in your required 5).

No more than two backgrounds.

Use text and graphics.

Text is readable.

Examples of animation – Do Not OVERUSE animation.

Work Habits

Use class time wisely.

Effective use of the Internet during research.

Did not visit sites not related to assignment.

(attached rubric to your information packet)


By now you should have discovered that the math skills you are learning now and throughout your schooling is very important for being able to live in the real world and will be carried over into your future career.


Fill in the Math Occupations Worksheet.

Interactive Notebooks

The Interactive Notebook is an incredible organization and learning tool.  We will be using these for this course.  Students need to have a spiral notebook to use in class, this will be their interactive notebook (INB).

We have been working on formatting the INB and cover design over the last few days.  Our first INB check will be on Friday (9.12.14)

The INB is worth 20% of the students overall grade!

Remember: 1st INB Check is Friday (9.12.14)