Fall 2017 Weeks 3-4

Week 3:

Agenda for Monday, 18 September 2017:

Agenda for Tuesday, 19 September 2017:

Density Lab

Measuring Mass and Volume


Agenda for Wednesday, 20 September 2017:

Finish Density Activity

Agenda for Thursday, 21 September 2017:

Popcorn Lab

Agenda for Friday, 22 September 2017:

Finish Popcorn Lab Student Pages

Finish Density Lab

Facebook Scientist Poster Project- Due Oct 6

In purple student folder include the following:

  • Popcorn Student Pages
  • Density Lab Pages

Week 4: September 25-29

The law of conservation of mass: In any physical change or chemical reaction, mass is conserved; mass can be neither created nor destroyed.

Additional Question for the Popcorn Lab:

With that law in mind, explain how the volume of popcorn was able to change.

If we had not used an aluminum cover, the mass of the flask would have decreased after the Zea mays everta had popped. Why would the mass have gone down? Does this disprove the law of conservation of mass?

Oct 6- Facebook Scientist Poster Due

Oct 12- 2 Typed Lab Reports Due

Lab This Week: Melting Apple Lab-Thursday

Kinetic Molecular Theory of Matter

STATES OF MATTER online activity


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