Week 10

Agenda for Monday, 5 June 2017:

Berries and Bacteria Lab: Gather the Data
Agenda for Tuesday, 6 June 2017:

Berries and Bacteria: Lab Finish Write Up
Start writing procedure for Diet vs Regular Soda Experiment


Agenda for Wednesday, 7 June 2017:

Finish Procedure for the Diet vs Regular Soda Experiment
If you finish the procedure, watch the following video on sugar, take notes. Is sugar bad? Why or Why not? Is this an easy question to answer?
The Truth about Sugar
Agenda for Thursday/Friday, 8/9 June 2017:

The Diet vs Regular Soda Experiment
WEEK ELEVEN: June 12-16

Agenda for Monday, 12 June 2017:

Finish Lab Reports/Missing Assignments
Flint Water Crisis: How Chemists are Involved?
C-Notes: Take notes on the film
EQ: What are ways chemists are involved in the Flint water crisis? How is chemistry involved?
Guiding Questions: What is the crisis? Who is impacted? How does it work? What can chemists do?
Poisoned Water
Agenda for Tuesday, 13 June 2017:

Finish any missing assignments, labs, or late work
What’s the Next Big Thing?
Watch the video and take C-Notes
EQ: What are ways that science and technology are changing our future?
What are developments in progress?
Anything we should be concerned with?

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