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Bacteria Virtual Lab

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 1.50.27 PM

We are going to be doing a virtual lab today.  We will be looking at how bacteria respond to antibiotics.

To access the lab, please click HERE.  This takes you to the lab web page.

The page should look like the above photo.

Follow the procedure instructions on the site.  I will also provide you with a printed out copy of the procedure.

Answer the journal questions in your INB.

Interactive Notebooks

The Interactive Notebook is an incredible organization and learning tool.  We will be using these for this course.  Students need to have a spiral notebook to use in class, this will be their interactive notebook (INB).

We have been working on formatting the INB and cover design over the last few days.  Our first INB check will be on Friday (9.12.14)

The INB is worth 20% of the students overall grade!

Remember: 1st INB Check is Friday (9.12.14)