11 Advisory

WEEK ONE: April 4-7

WEEK TWO: April 10-13

WEEK THREE: April 17-21

WEEK FOUR: April 24-28

WEEK FIVE: May 1-4

WEEK SIX: May 8-12 (Mid-Term Grades on Friday)

WEEK SEVEN: May 15-19

New 6 weeks.  Goals for the 6 Weeks include creating a folder with the following material in it.

  • Student Learning Style Survey
  • I Am Poem or Where I Am From
  • Roadmap to Graduation
  • Graduation Check List
  • Resume
  • Test Scores/Essential Skill Checklist (Lee’s Email)
  • Current Transcript

WEEK EIGHT: May 22-26

Go over expectations for the last weeks of the year.  Student goals and vision casting.  Students will be mapping out their weeks, working on independent work, and creating student portfolios to take into their Senior year.