Fall 22 Schedule

Fall 2022 Seminar Descriptions

Academic Support is a place where students can get extra help and in-class time to complete classroom assignments in LCC’s Adult Education Classes

Smart Shopping We will go into the community to various grocery stores using the activity van to purchase groceries for the cooking classes.  We will learn about unit price and cost comparison.

Cooking Corner Learn how to safely cook simple, nutritious meals in our Connections kitchen. Become completely independent in your ability to plan, prep, and cook your very own meal.

Cooking to impress: Safety and hygiene first, but then we’ll focus on the little details that will make your meal “extra special” to impress a new friend/co-worker/boss/partner. 

Over the Hill Take a hike! Soon Fall will be in the air and things are about to get beautiful. Board our bus to venture to a variety of local hiking destinations, many of which you’ve likely never been to! 

My Hike was Smoothie. You will document your hike, rate level of difficulty, create a pro and con list of the various hikes you’ll do over the term. We’ll do some post hike stretches. AND we’ll make, and enjoy a healthy treat (smoothie/granola/power bar) while having group discussions.  

Who Am I? We will be taking different assessments to discover your strengths, needs and personality types.  This will help you decide what goals in life you want to pursue.

Get Out Downtown! Do you have what we like to call…Street Smarts? While out in public, can you identify good behavior from bad behavior? Join this class to explore downtown and improve your safety and situational awareness, and your recognition of proper public behavior. Learn to identify scams, prevent “sneaky thefts,” and traverse the buslines, sidewalks, shops and crosswalks of Downtown Eugene.

Job Club Seminars will focus on job readiness skills and behaviors. Students will explore interest areas, how to find jobs, apply for jobs, work on resumes, practice job interviews etc.

Map It There are 2 parts to this class: The first part is planning and reviewing trips, and second is to actually go out on trips in our community. We will visit: recreational places, agencies, and vocational places that are of interest to students. We will be using the LTD bus. 

School Store Class Be an entrepreneur.  Run your own business. Learn about margin, finance, inventory, and making money! 

Art of Giving It is important to give to those around you that you care about.  In this class students will create arts and crafts items to give to others.

What in the World?  Current events Connections style!  Students will examine current events important to transition students.  We will also learn about the upcoming election and you can decide how you would like to vote based on your beliefs and values.

Yoga AM yoga and meditation is a great way to help your body and mind. Please bring loose, comfortable clothing; a mat will be provided.

Mo’ Money How can you make your hard earned money last longer? In this seminar series we’ll work on keeping track of a budget, as well as making smart choices when it comes to saving and spending your money. 

What is Connections? This seminar series will use visual and audio & text to “capture” all the various activities we do at Connections. We’ll make little videos/visuals/audio recording and develop clear descriptions on what Connections is. Work will entail; create scripts, act, record, edit, have discussions (giving and taking feedback) and at the end post results on our website. 

Moving In Transition from childhood to adulthood is a process that begins with learning how to be your own self advocate. We will learn the different parts to an IEP, how to set realistic goals based on what direction you want to go, and what you want to accomplish.

Plan an Event Hosting a party or event for your friends and family can be fun and exciting, but it also takes a lot of organization and can present challenges. Learn the basics of hosting an event, and put your new skills to the test while you help plan a REAL event right here at Connections (Thanksgiving party, Halloween Party, etc).

Where Are My Keys? Do you lose your keys, wallet, or something that was in your hand that you just put down? Do you need to improve your organization skills?  We will learn and practice various techniques to manage your time, paperwork and get things done.

Ready, Set, Apply! Right now, jobs are everywhere. Hone your skills and master the art of applying.  You are encouraged to submit the applications you complete or just practice filling them out.

Group Future Planning: Create an impressive visual roadmap that charts your goals and progress. This seminar will help you identify your goal (living and working) and break down the steps in how to reach your goal. The goal will be to develop an electronic portfolio/document that you can share with your team, or other agency. 

Play Fair When it comes to games, there is usually some competition, but in order to have fun we need to learn the art of cooperation. We will play different team building activities that are fun and will stretch your boundaries. 


Cognitopia: Students test Cognitopia Software products such as Goal Guide, Scando and My Life. Students will communicate their experience using these products to the Cogniopia Designers and Developers to improve usability. .

HFH Restore  ReStore is a fun, active place to get some work experience.  Students perform a variety of duties, including cleaning, stocking, pricing, merchandising, and unloading the trucks!

Hult Center Work behind the scenes to help clean, restock and organize Eugene’s very own Hult Center for the performing arts.

Grass Roots From farm to table, enjoy working on a variety of tasks in a huge garden. 

Next Step Recycling Next Step provides technology and training to adults who have barriers to employment and education, while protecting our environment and community from hazardous waste.

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