Spiffy-Up My Crib



Finished product!!! Nicely done!!

Cleaning up the hardware: pre and post


Week 7 Painting going well!!


Week 6 . We’re moving along and can really see progress. Hard working students!!

Hammer in some finishing nails using a nail set.

Prep cleaning. 

Painting time. 

Clean up time


Week 5: very focused , yet having fun while working. 


Week 4:

Working hard throughout the class:


Pre photo: this is what it looks like now, but give us a few classes and it’ll change into something beautiful!

Week 3:

got the furniture piece – a worn down shelf w cupboard shelf underneath.

Cost $20.00. 

This video will show the steps of getting to a fresh look of old furniture. 

Week 2. 

Video: strip and refinish a night stand. 


Continue with Craigslist search for furniture as we did last week. .

Plan for  today: making a trip with Activity Van to BRING recycle.  What can we practice at Connections? (repaint nightstand, chair, table, ..), nightstand. 

When we get back we’ll continue the below activities. 


Week 1.

Calendar,  ideas on what to do in the class, MY IDEAS: Murial, curtains, want’s vs needs list, visit stores (BRING, ReStore, Goodwill) and make a list of the cost, repair an item e.g. night stand. 

Student ideas: ____________________


What can often be found for cheap/free that is a need at a new apartment.? What do you not want to get that is used? 





( see thriftinghttps://www.myfirstapartment.com/category/decorating/


How to decorate a small apt: 



Activity: GO online (use a tablet or computer)  and find a store (IKEA, Target….) and create a list of items you’d like to buy for your new apt. 

Budget will be $:__________,  You’ll need to fit it into the categories of.

Bedroom, Kitchen, Livingroom. 

Example: for the WANT


Kitchen Bedroom Livingroom 
Table -$ _____


Cooking items (pots pans spatula……) 


Bed: bring from home, OR




Chairs $_____ 

Coffee table: $_____

Sofa/Futon: $______


Table round: $300   Sofa $600 World Market
Chairs x2:    $250    Coffee Table $300 World Market


Same items as above but used from Craigslist, Goodwill, Restore,


Example: for the NEED


Kitchen Bedroom Livingroom 
Table -$ _____


Cooking items (pots pans spatula……) 

Bed: bring from home, OR



Chairs $_____ 

Coffee table: $_____

Sofa/Futon: $______

  Twin bed $50 Craigslist  


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