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Welcome to Productive Lifestyle! 

(Can we think of a cooler name for this class??) Organization of Chaos? Procrastination Suspension? Beautiful Dissonance? 


Week 1 — March 28


• Introductions—Has everyone been introduced? 


• Talk about your SPRING BREAK! What did you do?


• What do you hope to get out of the class?


• What does it mean to be productive? Or to live/lead a productive lifestyle? What does this mean to you? 


• It might be that only one or two of the following concepts stick with you. And that’s ok!




Make a to-do list: We all forget! If you write the things down that you need to get done, you will be more likely to complete that task.

Jensena: Organizing storage: Keepsakes, donations, antiques, and the dump.

Seiji: To-do lists for art, plan videos. Anna: To do lists for drawing. Jacob: Checklist. Certain grit for sandpaper/blacksmithing


This is similar to a shopping list or school planner. They go hand-in-hand.

We all have a schedule in life no matter what the topic is. School, teaching, shopping, getting pet supplies. You name it. Life throws things at you, and you gotta get stuff DONE!



Remember what you need to do, by making a quick easy list. Then you can stop worrying about forgetting.


If you have things to do, try writing your list the night BEFORE! This can make you feel like you are getting a jumpstart to your day. Hand-write, type/print, or use an app. There’s lots of ways to make a list.


Give yourself small rewards for completing big tasks: Give yourself a little INCENTIVE! What is an incentive? Why does it work? It always feels good to work for/toward something and finally GET that incentive you worked hard for.


This doesn’t have to be a huge reward, or even involve money! Like coffee? Don’t make your coffee until you’ve completed one important task. Jacob: Intrinsic vs. extrinsic. Intrinsic: Motivation is feeling good about job well done. Extrinsic: Allowance, chores, 


Example: If you forgot to clean your kitchen after dinner, clean it BEFORE making your morning coffee. If you make coffee first, you are more likely to just go relax with your coffee.

–But if you really WANT coffee, use THAT as your reward/incentive to do the dishes FIRST. You’ll feel better that your kitchen is clean AND still get to enjoy your coffee.


-What incentives drive you? (Camping for me)


Find ways to break up your work day and/or large task (Thanks Amaya!): 

I’ll bet Jacob will have a good example for this! My example: let’s say you’re a photographer and you have about four hours of editing to do one night. Work for two hours, then give yourself a snack or go for a walk. Whatever you want! Then finish up that work. 


***Refresh & Reset***


Also, if you sit a lot in order to work, make sure to build in a few stretch breaks into your day. You’ll feel better! 

This is a big one! You know Heather who works here at Connections? I believe she almost always is standing at her desk. This can make a big difference if your job requires you to sit most of the day at a desk.


Avoid addictive time wasting activities: Let’s name some! TV? Video games? Facebook? TikTok? Candy crush? Internet games can be HUGELY addictive! Turn. Your. TIME WASTER. Into. An. INCENTIVE! Instead of constantly checking your texts or instagram posts, save that behavior for AFTER your task. You can actually use it as a reward!


What are your biggest “time wasting” activities?


Get as much done as early in the day as you can: Have you ever got up early and accomplished A LOT, then to look at the clock and realize it’s still pretty early? That’s a great feeling. If you sleep late, your tasks will be done late, and you will have less of your day to accomplish what you need. If you get rolling early, that momentum will carry you for your entire day!


HUGE sense of accomplishment (Thanks, Jacob!) Now, you can “start” your day!)




Tackle that “really tough to-do” job first: This is a big one for me! There’s nothing worse than a task that is looming (let’s discuss this) the entire day. Completing that big one first will leave you feeling invigorated and satisfied knowing that it is now out of the way, and you have the whole day still in front of you. Once the hardest is finished, you’ll only have easy one’s left!


Jacob: Rewire your brain to complete your job while enjoying other factors (environmental for example) [Chores as a favor to yourself]

Jensena: Turn your task into a game—Hardest tasks are harder levels. Compete with your siblings! Seiji: Multiplayer mode!!! Yeah!




Celebrate successes! It’s ok to feel super pumped and proud when you complete a tough goal or finish a super long to-do list. Tell your significant other. Instagram that finished project. Call your mom. Pump your fists in the air. Celebrate—you did it!


TELL someone your goals! Share what you are doing. Discuss accountability. What does it mean to be accountable in your life? How can telling a friend, spouse or partner keep you accountable?

YOU decide who you tell, but tell someone. 


Ideas? Discuss!


How about telling someone that REALLY matters to you. What if you post your goals publicly! A weekly blog series where you share all your goals?


Let’s talk about being realistic: What does it mean to be realistic? To make realistic goals? Example: Applying for a bookstore now might be attainable. Applying to be an astronaut and go to the moon, right now, probably isn’t. Sometimes, it’s ok to take baby steps. Goals are GREAT—and sometimes necessary­­­. But, if the goal is too lofty, it will be disappointing if you cannot meet it. Be realistic with yourself. But remain persistent.

 Imagine if you made goal-setting your priority or even a habit! 



It’s hard to look forward in your life or plan anything if you don’t have goals. Thinking about what you want to do is one thing, writing out a plan to figure out how, setting that goal, then DOING it is quite another. Write down your plans and ideas and make goal setting a HABIT. Wishful thinking doesn’t get things done. Goals do.


What does it mean to make goal setting a habit?


Put your phone DOWN!


Having your phone within reach can be irresistible, and also keep you from focusing on the task at hand.


-Explore apps that help you set timers.

-Disconnect your wifi

-Put your phone on silent and leave it in another room (my favorite!)

Simply having your phone within reach is simply too much of a temptation for some of us.




7 simple habits for a more productive life | studytee


 How I stay productive – 10 productivity tips | studytee






  • Benefits of eating healthy and exercise. 



1. Walking Boosts Your Mood

Did you know that walking can positively boost your mood… without you even realizing it?(4) A 2016 study found that walking for just twelve minutes resulted in an increase in attentiveness and self-confidence (3).

2. Walking Improves Cognitive Performance

One study (5) concluded that there seems to be a link between walking (at a preferred speed) and cognitive performance in both children and adults.

3. Walking Lowers Blood Pressure

Studies have shown (6) how moderate intensity walking can help lower the risk of high blood pressure.


4. Walking Can Help Prevent or Control Diabetes

According to the results from the Harvard Nurses’ Health Study (7), women who walked at least thirty minutes daily, decreased their risk of diabetes by 30%. Walking has proven to be effective at shrinking dangerous abdominal fat that can cause diabetes.  


5. Walking Can Help Reduce Risk of  Cancer

A research study done by Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention (8) found that women who walked at least seven hours per week were 14% less likely to develop breast cancer. Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco and Harvard University (9), found that men who had prostate cancer and who walked at least three hours a week reduced their chances of a recurrence.

6. Walking Can Help Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility

In an article by the American Heart Association (10), they explain how walking can significantly improve mobility loss for people with peripheral artery disease (PAD).


Hope everyone had a great Spring Break!













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