Production & Sales

Feb 22nd

NAME – …………….

Calendar and future planning: Who wants to be part of the sales? (it is on a no school day). Later we’ll create a schedule for the hours “to man the table”. What is realistic – 3h shifts? Longer/shorter? 

Lanyards idea – add a little St.Pattys day sticker….

Display case: what ya think? 

LabelsYounique Boutique Requirements for 2023 – 

All items must be individually labeled with your:

School’s full name and price of each item.  Checks can not be made out to individuals but must be made out to your school.  If your school has more than one school-based business you will need to  sell your items together and settle up your profits and inventory on your own. Please be patient with us and  remember that the Younique Boutique is staffed by volunteers who are trying to do their best to help you and your school.

How To Choose A Business Name:

How to come up with a business name



Paracord Tutorial Links:



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