Over the Hill


We will begin our in person class next Friday April 16th at our building at 2120 Bailey Hill Rd 97405.  It is very important to arrive on time to this class since we go over some things before the walk and then hit the road.  If you will be absent or late please contact me by email, quitta@4j.lane.edu or text or call 541 760-5590.  This is very important that I know who will be joining us each Friday.

Please complete the “Connections hiking” agreement and the “Over the Hill Survey” below.

Watch this short video on hikes around the world


Let’s go on a virtual hike to the Grand Canyon in Arizona:




Welcome to Over the Hill!  We will begin to enjoy in person walking/hiking to local parks and trails on Friday April 16th.  Till then we will have activities that you can do from home. Please read and sign the Connections Hiking document after reviewing the rules.  I know you are young adults, but while you are in class it is very important the you follow the safety rules.  

Here is a copy to download:

Connections Hiking

Here it what it says:

Connections Hiking Welcome to my favorite way to spend Spring term!

Since we will spend most of our time in the community and various urban hiking trails we respectfully request that all students represent Connections in a positive way. Specifically by:

  • Wearing appropriate clothing (shoes, jacket etc.) for an outdoor hike. We will be hiking rain or shine – you will get muddy.
  • Respecting nature, trails and “leave no trace behind.”
  • Drink water…more water…and more water.
  • Respecting others. Any student who behaves in a negligent manner may not be invited to hike again.
  • Stretching before hiking to prevent injuries.
  • Bring all medications you will need (inhaler, etc.)
  • Having fun!

If you feel you cannot be a positive hiker, please let me know and I will help you find an alternative activity.

Sign below if you agree to follow the above requests.

____________________________________________________     ____________________________

Name                                                                                                Date

It would be helpful to know a bit about your walking ability and contact information.  Please complete the Over the Hill survey.

Here is a copy to download:

Over the Hill Survey

Here it what it says:

Over the Hill Survey

In this class we will be walking or doing outdoor activities each week. We will be walking from Building 2120, or downtown, or using an activity bus to access different parks around Eugene. This class takes place rain or shine! Please be sure to wear comfortable closed toed shoes and the appropriate clothing for our changeable Oregon weather. If the weather is too cold or rainy, we may do an indoor activity such as walking around the mall or in building activities.

Please answer the following questions:

What is your name? __________________________________________________________

  • I have read the “over the hill” class guidelines, understand them and agree to them.


  • I have completed or will complete a waiver for hybrid learning.


Do you have any health concerns that will affect your ability to walk outdoors for over an hour?

  • Yes or no? _______________________________
  • If yes, what are they and do you have a tool to help you (epi pen, allergy meds,cane, etc. __________________________________________________

What is your contact information in case of emergency?

  • Your phone number _________________________________________
  • Emergency Contact phone number and name ________________________

What would you rate as your level of current physical ability?

  • I can walk a flat paved area for under one mile
  • I can walk a flat paved area for over one mile
  • I can walk an unpaved trail for over one mile
  • I can walk up an unpaved trail that has hills for over one mile
  • I can walk up an unpaved trail that has hills for over two miles

Today’s activity

  1.  Take a walk in you neighborhood and determine how long you can walk comfortably. You can use your phone to track you route or look at google maps to determine how far you have walked
  2. Go to this site to take a virtual tour of Machu Picchu in Peru, one of the wonders of the world and an epic hike. https://www.youvisit.com/tour/machupicchu

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