My Hike Was Smoothie

Fall 2023


LAST CLASS!! Hot chocolate or apple cider. 

Let’s look over the Eugene Parks and Rec guide. Lot’s of fun classes and events/trips being offered.



Re-do of the MUG CAKE – we will also sample the “healthy alternative”. We will substitute the canola oil with apple sauce. How will it taste??


Easy to make treat that will be warm after a cold hike. Not always healthy but there are some substitutions that can be made to make it more healthy.

11/20 – no school

11/13 – prep for Friendsgiving.

11/6 Popcorn w yeast – very easy & tasty snack.


TrailMix – what is healthy and what shall we add to our? 

10/23   Document the HIKE. Today – Make  granola mix,  (bake or no bake). see links from last week. It may be a little messy, use gloves if you want to. Apron recommended.  Measuring may be a little tricky if we’re making very individual modifications to the recipes (do your best) . To enjoy today – Apples and peanut butter – basic snack.  ___________________________________



* Eat and rate our chocolate covered fruits. 

Cup of tea to go with it? 

* Intro granola mix:

What shall we have in da mix? Ideas:

List what we want in our “power bar”


10/9 –
Enjoy frozen the sorbet banana n strawberries – using the “Ice Cream maker” 


Documentation. of your trip. 


Plan for next week smoothie. 

Make frozen Banana, for next week.

Week.3 10/2


Last week – hot chocolate…perfect treat and can be brought in a thermos. 


Simple smoothie today – 

How to freeze fruit,vid:2d41Dxw9Oz0,st:0


Document to log your hike: Name:_______________



I  went to:_______________________ 




Pros and cons with the hike (minimum of 1 each) : 




Rating: Easy, moderate, hard.  What rating would you give and why?


Accessible: how will you get there? 


Steps: I got_____ number of steps for this hike.


Smoothie made today:______________ rating (yuk, OK, good, delicious). 




Week 2. 

Hot chocolate: _____

Document the hike. 


Week 1. 


TO DO: Kahoot, Document 10min, , 

Create a routine! How will you document your hikes? (example below) 


Document to log your hike: JimBob Exampleson


Today  __________

I went to:______________ Mt Pizza 




Pros and cons with the hike (minimum of 1 each) : 

Pro: the hike was flat and the scenery was beautiful.

Con: there were a lot of people and the trail was narrow (meeting people). 

Rating: Easy, moderate, hard.  What rating would you give and why? 

 I would rate it hard but the trails were nice and it had stairs/steps where it was too steep. It is pretty steep!!. 

Accessible: how will you get there? You can get there by bus (LTD) but the bus only goes 1 time/hour and it doesn’t go at all during the weekends. 


Steps: I got__5000__ number of steps for this hike.


Smoothie made today:__Strawberry – Banana ________ rating (yuk, OK, good, delicious). 




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