Express Yourself

Week 10.

Taking care of yourself – acknowledge if you’re tired and “out of spoons”. 

Last class: Next Friday we’ll do an outing (bowling and Pizza). Please let your advocate know if you are going or not, and how you plan to get there and back. No other classes offered this day. 

Do you have the COMPLETE storyboard? Is it detailed enough to share with Anders or staff ? If so, have it entered “texted/spoken” in the app “InvideoAI”.

New SPRING TERM schedule: Look over and discuss! 

In your advocate meeting – please select classes. Or email it to your casemanger. Remember sometimes the cooking classes fill up.

Once we get back from Spring break – Friday 5th is the social dance in Springfield. See flyer on the wall in Blueroom. – Cost is $10 (or what you can afford – check with advocate).

First day back after Spring Break is Tuesday April 2nd. 



Week 9. 

Calendar: fun afternoon planned , Monday is our fundraiser …soon end of the term…what to do. 

Schedule: ideas for the next term…your input is wanted 🙂 

Want a class similar to this? 

Continue w creating that story board. Fingers crossed that the invideo AI will work better this week. 

week 8.

What do you have in print for the story board? 

Lets check out the JIM BOB “Invideo AI”

Week 7. 

Continue w creating your story board!! It’ll be mostly individual work but please work with staff as much as you feel you need to. 

Week 6

Review last week.  Calendar

Story board: 


You should think about what you want to include in your “video”. 

Introduction and wrap up (including contact info) is very important. The parts in between will be much more individual 🙂   You can base a lot of it from your resume and interest/strengths, and what are your “soft skills” e.g. reliable, good communicator, friendly, positive attitude, teamwork…. 


Week 4. 

Calendar – next week – No class. 

Let’s continue with identifying strengths or interests – how can this be shared – how to identify what is a “transferable skill” – …..

Week 3 – Ice storm – no Class

Week 2. 

Review – what was discussed last week? 

Create the bullet outline on what share: 

Fill in the blanks & Then edit and practice. 


ACTING – Eeyore…. Or a little more energy? 

Do you want others to say something about you.?

What do you want to show about who YOU are…

It is time to build your outline / bullets. 

See handout example: 



Week 1. 

Calendar: Regular schedule till Feb 2nd. , snowdays? – what to do?

What are you hoping to get out of the class? What format are you hoping to use? (video, art, writing,…). This is the first time we offer this class so we’ll learn together. 


Share the Michael video; Video resume from one of my former students: 



Work may be individual or in small groups – helping each other is important .

  • FOCUS on STRENGTHS and interest that you want to share. You can also decide to “explain CONNECTIONS program” if you feel that this would be easier (e.g. what is… a bus trip, job club, advocate meeting….)


Initial FOCUS on: How to share your info. – how to create an outline – how to make it “flow” – You’ll need to create a written outline w steps on what you want to share? How will you show this? . Ex: 1. I’m Jimbob I’m interested in animals and like to stay busy and physically active. 2 People describe me as a kind and hardworking person with great attention to detail. 3. I like to have my workspace clean and have clear routines to follow. 4 I work better in the afternoons. 5 I enjoy interacting with others/customers. 6…..keep adding

NEEDS: do we need to request editing programs from 4J/new computers? Material needed? 


Video basic of stop motion video example


Do you have a skill – is there anything you’ve already made (perhaps on youtube already)? Videos, resume, sharing a skill/strength. The ide here is to make it FUN and professional. 


We have several staff here to help – and we’ll need to learn together.!!


** if you’re not wanting to make something about yourself you can make the explanation of “WHAT IS CONNECTIONS” . Describe the advocate meeting, bus trip outing, social/plan an event (video game day)…

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