Academic Support

Some students may want to use this time at home to brush up on their academic skills, either to get their GED or to work toward college classes.  You may even want to work on academic skills to increase your  or to upgrade your job skills and get a better job!  There are some great resouces out there on the web if this is a goal.  Also, if you want more help/guidance in this goal, there is an Academic Support class to help you on Weds and Fri mornings.  Let your Case Manager know you are interested!
For Math:

Khan Academy:         Khan academy is a great resource to keep you organized and moving forward in your math journey.  

Math Playground          This is a great place for fun, sometimes silly games to brush up on math skills you know, but just need some extra practice (for something different!)
For Reading:
ReadTheory:  This site needs a membership, but it is free.  It tests your starting reading skills first (which can get quite frustrating, but push thorugh, and just do your best!).  Then, it starts you practicing reading, comprehension, vocabulary skills at your tested level, and tracks your progress for you.  
Audible is now offering free audiobooks for students during this period of distance learning. Go to this site:

A few hundred titles and many available in 7 other languages. No sign-ins or passwords, just click on a title and listen to the book.  

For iPads:  Don’t use the app. It wants sign-in information. Instead, go to Safari and type in the above link (or open it from this email or my website shown below)  Once the Audible page is open, you can make an icon for Audible on the iPad screen, so that students don’t have to hunt for it in Safari each time they want to read a book. Look on the top right of the Safari screen, find the box with the up-arrow, tap on it, then look on the bottom row of options, scroll over to the right and tap on “Add to Home Screen” ,  then ADD. It will make a nice icon that is easy to find later. 
Instructions with pictures are on my website:  
Goodwill Free Learning Site:    This site has some great practice tutorials for both reading and math.   

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