6th Grade 10/14/10





Ms. Bahr LA 6 CW:Not Listed
HW:Not Listed                                                                     Ms. Bahr’s Assignments
Ms. Bahr SS 6 CW:Not Listed                                                                     HW:Not Listed                                                                     Ms. Bahr’s Assignments  
Ms. Barb Science 6  CW:Review Quiz Lesson 7.2
 HW:Finish CW
Barb’s Blog
Mr. Boone Band I  CW:
Ms. Connors Health 6 CW:Heart song
Ms. Connors’ Blog
Ms. Connors Science 6 CW:Lesson 7.3 and 7.4
Ms. Connors’ Blog
Mr. Davis SS 6 CW:9 Tribes Research Project
Mr. Davis’ Blog
Ms. Fiszman Musical Theater CW:Not Listed
HW:Not Listed
Ms. Fiszman’s Blog
Ms. Garland-Warren Health 6 CW:Recognizing symptoms of stress
Ms. Garland-Warren’s Blog
Ms. Ivan LA 6 CW:Not Listed
HW: Not Listed
Coach Johannsen PE 6 CW:Not Listed

HW:Not Listed

Mr. Lasher Language Arts 6 CW:Finish Las Uvas
HW:Unfinished pages in Esperanza Rising  Mr. Lasher’s Blog
Mr. Lasher Leadership 6 Trimester2Mr. Lasher’s Blog  
Ms. Leslie Academic Success Period 1 CW:SSR and Comic Life                                               HW:SSR Sheet                                                                      Ms. Leslie’s Assignments  
Ms. Leslie Academic Success Period 4

CW:SSR #3: House Arrest (1st in class) 2) Comic Life                                                                                             HW:SSR #3 (green) DUE: Wednesday, 10/16 (2 entries done as HW, 2 in class)                         Ms. Leslie’s Assignments

Mr. Robare Band I Mr. Robare’s Blog  
Ms. Ruzicka Math 6 CW:Lesson 11 Polygons
HW:HW U1 L11 Green Key HW U1 L11
Ms. Ruzicka’s Blog
Mr. Schiff Tech Lit 6  CW:Introduce Data Bases – Set up Google Doc and Sheet Printing Lumnaires – students sign up for printing ePortfolio Tune-up check by TAsWork on extra 3D Design projects

Mr. Schiff’s Blog

Mrs. Topize Math 6 CW:
Mr. Wade Social Studies 6 CW:Not Listed
HW:Not Listed
Mr. Wade’s Blog