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8th Grade 9/19/19

Teacher Course Assignment  
Mr. Boone Band II CW:
Ms. Cockram Math 8 CW:Classwork: Unit 1 – Lesson #4 Making the moves
HW:unit_1.lesson_4 HW
Ms. Cockram’s Assignments
Ms. Cockram Intermediate Algebra CW:Go over homework Chapter 1.1.3 “Investigating the graphs of quadratic functions” Problems # 23
HW:Chapter 1.1.3 # 26, 28, 29                                     Ms. Cockram’s Assignments
Ms. Connors AVID 8 CW:Current event one-pager
HW:Finish one-pager
Ms. Connors’ Blog
Mr. Davis Spanish I CW:
Mr. Davis’ Blog
 Mr. Davis Spanish II CW:
Mr. Davis’ Blog
Ms. Fiszman Musical Theater CW:
Ms. Fiszman’s Blog
Mrs. Garland-Warren Health
CW:Share Inspiration projects

Ms. Garland-Warren’s Blog

Mrs. Garland-Warren Healthy Lifestyles PE Trimester 2  
Mrs. Hohenemser Science 8 CW:Stamp page 16 ( a stamp at the bottom of page 16 means it was done on time): Finish Activity 1.1: Share data, look for trends. Finish pages 10-14 as a class                      HW:Read pages 17 and 18 and mark the text, SNs due tomorrow. Grading pages 10-18             Mrs. Hohenemser’s Blog  
Ms. Hoke Social Literacy 8 CW:What Is History Notes in NB
Overview Historical Thinking Chart and glue into NB
HW:History Notebook cover due tomorrow  
Mrs. Hoke’s Blog
Ms. Ivan Literacy Support 8  CW:
Ms. Ivan’s Blog
Coach Johannsen PE 7/8 CW:
Ms. Leslie Language Arts 8
CW:Collect Images – Store in folder
HW:Walk for 20 minutes Ms. Leslie’s Blog
Ms. Leslie Art

CW:Design Elements
HW:Art Critique #1 DUE: Tomorrow **Walk for 20 minutes
Ms. Leslie’s Blog

Ms. Leslie Clay

Trimester 2 & 3

Ms. Leslie Photography

CW:Camera to Blog Photo Rush
HW:Edmodo HW Photo #1 DUE: Tomorrow, 9/20 *Walk for 20 minutes
Ms. Leslie’s Blog

Ms. Ruzicka Science 8 CW:Reflection Link  Summarize information on Green Sheet Reading 1.1 Circle and underline Consolidate Exercise Results for your group
HW:Finish Reading 1.1 pages 57-59Ms. Ruzicka’s Assignments
Ms. Ruzicka Math Support 8 CW:
Ms. Ruzicka’s Assignments
Mr. Schiff Design & Technology

Broadcast Media



Mr. Schiff’s Blog
Mrs. Turner Language Arts 8 CW:
Mrs. Turner’s Blog