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8th Grade 10/21/19

Teacher Course Assignment  
Mr. Boone Band II CW:
Ms. Cockram Math 8 CW:Review for Unit One Assessment
HW:Review for Assessment
Ms. Cockram’s Assignments
Ms. Cockram Intermediate Algebra CW:Chapter 2.3.2 “Finding the equation of a line between two points” page 81    Problems # 87 and 88                  HW:Chapter 2.3.1 Problems 91, 93, 94Ms. Cockram’s Assignments  
Ms. Connors AVID 8 CW:Resume building 
HW:Complete resume due tomorrow one page  focus notes due Wednesday 
Ms. Connors’ Blog
Mr. Davis Spanish I CW:
Mr. Davis’ Blog
 Mr. Davis Spanish II CW:
Mr. Davis’ Blog
Ms. Fiszman Musical Theater CW:
Ms. Fiszman’s Blog
Mrs. Garland-Warren Health
CW:Guest speaker Mental Health Awareness/Suicide Prevention, Community Mental Health Supports.

Ms. Garland-Warren’s Blog

Mrs. Garland-Warren Healthy Lifestyles PE Trimester 2  
Mrs. Hohenemser Science 8 CW:Record Grades in SN cover and check StudentVue for missing work. Review scores on Wheatgrass Experiments and questions in Lessons 3.1 and 3.2
HW:Start Food Log with calories on page 57. Due Friday Complete Reading 3.3 pages 57-59. Due Wednesday. Mark Text and answer questions.
Mrs. Hohenemser’s Blog
Ms. Hoke Social Literacy 8 CW:Digital Curation Project: Oregon’s Tribal Nations
Mrs. Hoke’s Blog
Ms. Ivan Literacy Support 8  CW:
Ms. Ivan’s Blog
Coach Johannsen PE 7/8 CW:
Ms. Leslie Language Arts 8
CW:Share Poetry
2) Double-Doodle Art w/Poetry
3) If finished – Type Poems & Add to Blog
HW:*SSR #4 DUE: Wednesday, 10/23 (salmon)
Ms. Leslie Art

CW:Sketchbook Drawing: Day 21 of Inktober is “Treasure”. Draw your interpretation of what this means to you. Be sure to include title, date, and signature. (15 min)
HW:If you are not finished with your Texturasaurus, come in before or after school to complete.
Ms. Leslie’s Blog

Ms. Leslie Clay

Trimester 2 & 3

Ms. Leslie Photography

CW:PS – Magazine Cover
-Don’t forget to sign up to show me your work 🙂
HW:*Edmodo HW Photo #6: “Animals & People We Love” DUE: 10/25
Ms. Leslie’s Blog

Ms. Ruzicka Science 8 CW:Notes on Reading 3.2 pages 48-53–due on Tuesday 10/22
Ms. Ruzicka’s Assignments
Ms. Ruzicka Math Support 8 CW:
Ms. Ruzicka’s Assignments
Mr. Schiff Design & Technology

Broadcast Media



Mr. Schiff’s Blog
Mrs. Turner Language Arts 8 CW:
Mrs. Turner’s Blog