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7th Grade 10/21/19


Mr. Baker Science 7 CW:Reading 6.3, 6.1 CER – did a new substance form?HW:None                                         Mr. Baker’s Blog  
Mr. Boone Band II    
Mr. Davis Spanish I CW: 
Mr. Davis’ Blog
Ms. Carmen LA/SS/AVID 7 CW: 
Ms. Fiszman Musical Theater Ms. Fiszman’s Blog  
Ms. Garland-Warren Health 7/8 CW:Guest speaker Topic: Mental Health Awareness/Suicide Prevention, Community Mental Health Supports.          HW:None
Mrs. Garland-Warren’s Blog
Coach Johannsen PE 7/8 CW: not listed

HW:not listed

Coach Johannsen PE & Health 7/8 CW: not listed

HW:not listed

Mr. Lasher LA/SS/AVID 7 CW:
Mr. Lasher’s Blog
Ms. Leslie Art CW:Sketchbook Drawing: Day 21 of Inktober is “Treasure”. Draw your interpretation of what this means to you. Be sure to include title, date, and signature. (15 min)
2) “Day of the Dead” – Calaveras
HW:If you are not finished with your Texturasaurus, come in before or after school to complete.
Ms. Leslie’s Blog
Ms. Leslie Photography CW:PS – Magazine Cover
-Don’t forget to sign up to show me your work πŸ™‚
HW:*Edmodo HW Photo #6: “Animals & People We Love” DUE: 10/25
Ms. Leslie’s Blog
 Mrs. Loo LA/SS/AVID 7 CW:
Mrs. Loo’s Blog
Mr. Schiff Design & Technology

Broadcast Media



Mr. Schiff’s Blog


Ms. Steinbaugh LA/SS/AVID 7 CW:
HW:Ms. Steinbaugh’s Blog
Mrs. Topize Math 7/8C CW:
Mrs. Turner LA 7 CW:
Mrs. Turner’s Blog
Mr. Wade Math 7 CW:demonstrated how to create a spinner to complete 1.2.1 #55 – then did the experiment with the spinner – 20 times – if not done – complete at home – directions are on the e-book – once you click on 1-54 student e-tool – it takes you to the spinner tool – follow the directions on the left to fill out the spinner as we set it up in problem 54 (on record sheet) – 8/20 red; 6/20 blue; 2/20 yellow; 4/20 green
HW:Not Listed
Mr. Wade’s Blog