Welcome Back! Distance Learning 2.0

Distance Learning – Spring Term 2020

Google Classroom Codes / Zoom office hours information

I will update Google Classroom weekly (on Monday morning) with the assignments for the week – I will supplement those posts with answers and explanations throughout the week – to view as you are able. 

Zoom office hours – Monday – Thursday (Invites sent via email and posted in Google Classroom by period)

    • Period 1- 12:30pm- 12:50pm
    • Period 2- 12:55pm- 1:15pm
    • Period 3- 1:20pm- 1:40pm
    • Period 4- 1:45pm- 2:05pm
    • Period 5- 2:10pm- 2:30pm
    • Period 6- 2:35pm- 2:55pm

Here are the Google Classroom Codes by Period- please open Google Classroom and use the code to join your class! 

1st Period Math 7 – ynvf5sy
2nd Period Math 7 – 5zowbdp
3rd Period Social Studies 6 – ssrqodi
4th Period Math 7 – o6jl2ea
6th Period Math 7 – zas3xzw

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 – Update

Welcome to our new reality.

I plan to use this blog and email to communicate with you during this unprecedented time.   As we transition to distance learning for all, the plans are changing by the hour. 

Hang in there! 

We really want to re-connect and re-boot the learning environment we all miss – but, making this transition is tough on families, students and educators.  Many of us are juggling many roles – while trying to stay healthy and isolated as much as possible. 

Over the next few days, I plan to convert my blog to provide regular (daily or frequent) updates and daily agendas and will transition to connecting via google classroom as we grow and explore these new teaching platforms – sorting out which work best for student engagement.

I have google classrooms set up for each period – those codes to join will be posted soon.   I plan to start next week with a review of this blog, the new google classroom site, to touch base on where we left off at the end of term 2, and to connect as human beings. 

New content will start on April 13th – per the state mandate.  What the delivery looks like is being decided at the district office.  I will provide many extensions and opportunities for you to explore personal interests on my blog with a list of free resources available at this time – coming soon! 


September, 2019

Welcome to Mr. Wade’s instructional blog.  On this site you will find  course information for both Math 7 and Social Studies 6.  

I will post daily agendas  daily,

I will not be updating the Daily Agenda for Social Studies on this blog.   If you miss class, touch base with me during the daily break (right before class) to get caught up!  If you miss multiple days – email is a great way to check in and upon your return we should meet one-on-one.  I have daily office hours/help time after school Monday-Thursday from 3:35 pm – 4 pm, plus other times by appointment. 

If you have questions or concerns, please email me at:  wade_e@4j.lane.edu 






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