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8th Grade 1/29/20

Teacher Course Assignment  
Mr. Boone Band II CW:
Ms. Cockram Math 8 CW:Unit 4 Lesson 11 “On both of the lines” page 42
HW:Unit 4 Lesson 11 HW
Ms. Cockram’s Assignments
Ms. Cockram Intermediate Algebra CW:2-day lessonChapter 7.1.4 “Negative Exponents” page 424 Problems # 42 through 46 HW:None                                   Ms. Cockram’s Assignments  
Ms. Connors AVID 8 CW:Career research projects 
HW:One page of focus notes
Ms. Connors’ Blog
Mr. Davis Spanish I CW:Actividades 8, 9, 10, 11
Mr. Davis’ Blog
 Mr. Davis Spanish II CW:Learning strategy: study and practice
Mr. Davis’ Blog
Ms. Fiszman Musical Theater CW:
Ms. Fiszman’s Blog
Mrs. Garland-Warren Health
CW:Tips for Active Listening Video

Ms. Garland-Warren’s Blog

Mrs. Garland-Warren Healthy Lifestyles PE Trimester 2  
Mrs. Hohenemser Science 8 CW:Do investigation 4.1b Take a time-lapse if you can Complete page 2 of A. 4.1 in notability and turn in by the end of today
HW:Complete unfinished Classwork. Today you should have completed the lab on convection currents in class and finished the PDF for A. 4.1. Please turn this assignment in by the end of the day today
Mrs. Hohenemser’s Blog
Ms. Hoke Social Literacy 8 CW:SSR: American Revolutionary War Novels
Finish Boston Massacre – Steps 4 & 5
HW:Finish sourcing 
Mrs. Hoke’s Blog
Ms. Ivan Literacy Support 8  CW:
Ms. Ivan’s Blog
Coach Johannsen PE 7/8 CW:
Mr. Lasher Leadership Daily Slides  
Ms. Leslie Language Arts 8
Ms. Leslie Art

CW:Not Listed
HW:Nit Listed
Ms. Leslie’s Blog

Ms. Leslie Clay CW:Not Listed
HW:Not Listed
Ms. Leslie’s Blog
Ms. Leslie Photography Trimester 1  
Ms. Ruzicka Science 8 CW:Not Listed
HW:Not Listed
Ms. Ruzicka’s Assignments
Ms. Ruzicka Math Support 8 CW:
Ms. Ruzicka’s Assignments
Mr. Schiff Design & Technology

Broadcast Media



Mr. Schiff’s Blog
Mrs. Turner Language Arts 8 CW:Diary of Anne Frank
HW:Read 20 min.
Mrs. Turner’s Blog