6th Grade Language Arts Assignments

Google Classroom Codes:

Period 3: ljeeokj    

Period 5: itf4sig    

Period 6: 6go7qot   

Zoom office hours link is on Google Classroom.

Date Assignment Due Date
Mon 4/6 Monday Punday!

Youtube video: Why Reading is important

Google classroom assignment: Calculate your reading rate and goal for trimester 3!

20 minutes of choice reading

Tue 4/7 Tuesday Amuseday!

Answer Ms. Bahr’s Question on google classroom

Youtube video: Why I Read (comment on google classroom if you want)

20 minutes of choice reading (check out FREE online resources on google classroom)

Journal #1: Life in Quarantine (google classroom)


Wed 4/8 Witty Wednesday!

20 minutes of choice reading

Journal #2


Language Arts, Social Studies, Reading Intervention