Entry #63

March 12, 2021, Friday

364 days since lockdown, 366 days since I’ve been out of school
Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of school lockdown, it makes me sad thinking about that, it felt like yesterday where I was just sitting in class waiting for the bell to ring so I could go home, now all I want to do is go back, when times were simpler. It made me nostalgic for times that will never come back.
As for today, I got a text from my old friend who invited me to his birthday party at Defy, it’s basically a trampoline place, it’s quite far from where I live, but I still really wanted to go. I asked my parents if they could take me there, but they said no, Covid is still a massive concern so I understood why they rejected, but I was still bummed out. I was looking forward to seeing him and all my other friends that were supposed to come. 
On a side note however, I got through a ton of missing work, which is a massive relief, I will get the rest done over the weekends.

Entry #62

Monday, 3/8/21

362 days since I have been out of school, 359 days since lockdown was officially announced.
It’s been 2 weeks since I last wrote in these entries. I think this is my first entry in March, well anyways. I had acid reflux over the weekends, I don’t what I ate, but now I have to eat stew and soup for the rest of the week until my stomach heals. As for today, I will probably have to stay up late to turn in work, not the most ideal way to spend time, but it’s necessary. 

Entry #61


Lately quarantine has shifted my life a lot. I find it hard to keep up on my school work and I’m always so frustrated and in the end give up. Getting help to me is a step back because it shows I somehow can’t do things by myself. For example, in science we are learning about the tectonic plates of the earth and we had to make a model. I had no idea where to start and my classmates that I was in a breakout room with weren’t helping at all. Now I’m stuck with the missing assignment and still don’t know how to fix it. School just keeps getting harder by the day and my mind just wants a break.

Entry #60

February 19, 2021

It has now been 343 days since quarantine was placed.
I woke up really well today, watched some Disney+ and ate breakfast. I had to eat light because of an acid reflux that lasted longer than usual, though I’m feeling much better now. I tried to get some exercise in but since it was a Friday, I thought to myself, “you know what I’ll take the day off”. Other than that it was a pretty normal day, went to school, went on my phone, the usual. I am behind on some assignments though, I will have to put some time into getting those done. 

Entry #59


I don’t even know where to start, but I can definitely say that I have changed of the last few months. My friends, family, teachers, and even myself have noticed that I am more sad and all I want to do is lay in bed all day. I pull the covers over my head each morning when I hear my alarm and don’t want to get up. Only some days, (like today) have I felt motivated enough to even get dressed. After school, I crawl back in bed and stay on my phone. I know this isn’t healthy but it keeps me busy and somehow in a way entertained. On days like today I felt motivated and destroyed at the same time. I worked out and did all my school work. Taking a warm shower and eating healthy didn’t stop me from getting back in bed. Over the past 3 days my mom, dad, grandma, aunt, and two of my friends told me they were concerned and that I had changed. I didn’t want them to know how I felt much less see it on the outside. This made me upset and I pushed them all away. When I’m sad almost everyday it is about many things. But when someone confronts me about it I get mad. I know things have changed but I don’t think it is all COVID-19s fault. Not staying home all day and sitting on a computer for many hours is all that happened. Even if its a sunny day ( like today ) I still felt like it was pouring down raining.

Entry #58

Friday February 5, 2021

It has now been 329 days since lockdown was in effect, it’s been almost a year since I saw anyone from school
I couldn’t really sleep last night, I was recollecting moments from my years at Cal Young, god, it’s so weird that it’s been almost a year since I last saw anyone from school. Hopefully I can say goodbye to people in person before my graduation from here. I will always stay hopeful that this whole pandemic thing rolls over, no matter how bad things seem. Other than that it was a standard day, go to school, do homework, and do whatever. 

Entry #57


I really hoped it had snowed when I woke up today at six o’clock. I usually don’t get up this early but for some reason, I did today. Even though the days feel longer this one is feeling extra slow. School has been pretty easy but tiring. Even though I have all A’s, and participate in class a lot, it still stresses me out. I just wish we could be back to normal and have homework studies in the Library like we used to.

I wonder when we are going to go back. At least part time. I want to know so I have an estimated time to get ready. This coming Sunday I am going to a church life group get together outside and I am so excited for that! Even though we have to wear masks, I can still see my friends which is a plus!

Nothing too exiting has been happening lately. I guess my friend got a new cat which is cool! I haven’t really made anything except a song or two on my ukulele. I like to write and play songs to pass the time. I started learning how to play after Halloween, and I fell I have come a long way in the music world!

Entry #56


Ever since the pandemic started, lots of things have changed. Business shut down, schools closed, 6ft social distancing, wearing masks in public is the law. Everything you are about to witness in this entry is what happened to me January 10 – 17th during the COVID 19 Pandmeic.

Monday started off as a regular day for me. Waking up at 9am and immediately going to the kitchen to grab my morning coffee and get my work that has been assigned to me all finished. If i get done early i will either go on a nice run/walk around my neighborhood or will watch some TV or play video games until lunch. At 11:45, I start making lunch. I’m not their best cook, so I usually just make myself a sandwich or Mac and cheese. Once I’m done with lunch I grab my IPad that my school gave me and hopped online to zoom and attended online classes. From 12:20 to 4:00, I go to zoom and sit and listen to 4 classes. After school I usually just go to the Cal Young Field to hang out with my friends or we play soccer together. I can only stay for so long because it gets dark very quickly. In the evening when I get home I usually come home to my parents making dinner and putting it on the table nice and warm. After dinner, I usually go hop on video games with my friends. We do that basically all night and then around 11:30 to midnight I usually go to bed. That’s what happened Monday. Tuesday is a repeat of Monday so I don’t need to go into detail. Wednesday is the exact same as Monday and Tuesday but I don’t have zoom that day so it gives me a break, also instead of going to the field after school I go to a life group and drink coke and play air hockey with my friends and learn about Christianity. Thursday is a regular day like Monday and Tuesday. Friday is also the same but I’m more excited because the weekend approaches. Saturday and Sunday are usually my free days where I can invite people over to spend the night or I can hang out with my friends outside at the field. Sunday is usually a recovery day for the next week ahead of me, where I prepare my iPad and notebooks for zoom and morning work.

This week was pretty normal for me like any other, but trust me. Some of my weeks are crazy, and filled with adventure. I hope this pandemic gets over soon, I love my house but I’m almost going insane inside. 

Entry #55

Jan 28

this week was like last mostly staying home and watching tv to pass times, and fidgeting, lots of fidgeting, I never really noticed how often I fidget, like I’ll be shaking my foot or messing with my fingers or twisting my body, and I had no idea I did that. I have been working on my room here and ther but it’s not that I don’t want to do it I just can’t get myself to do it, but I’ll get somehting done here and there, it looks better than what I started with and that was BAD. It actully snowed a bit here it was pretty cool, cept I disappeared pretty quickly and I was in class so I couldn’t play with it or anything, other than that it’s just been cool and rainy. No one I know of has gotten Covid, my brother got Covid TESTED, he got his wisdom teeth removed, he didn’t say anything to funny sadly, he just hummed here and there, but he fell asleep for a long time so he was over the anesthesia when he got up. Thats the most exciting things this week, again just been kinda lonely, I’m hoping I can see my friends soon, I hope there ok, I don’t have much way to contact some of them and I know they’ve had trouble with there emotions and I hope there being healthy I just wish I was there to help them feel better. 

Entry #54

Thursday January 28th, 2021

It has been 321 days since quarantine was in effect, 321 days since I last saw the hallways of Cal Young. 

  Nothing remarkable happened today, nothing interesting was on the news, the weather was nice today, didn’t get to go outside though. I’m gonna try to get some assignments turned in, I haven’t had the motivation to do so lately, not being able to see friends and not having social interactions can impact school very hard. I am surviving though, I am always going to be optimistic that things will get better and go back to normal. Well, that’s about all of the stuff I did today, didn’t get to do much, but it is what it is.