Entry #57


I really hoped it had snowed when I woke up today at six o’clock. I usually don’t get up this early but for some reason, I did today. Even though the days feel longer this one is feeling extra slow. School has been pretty easy but tiring. Even though I have all A’s, and participate in class a lot, it still stresses me out. I just wish we could be back to normal and have homework studies in the Library like we used to.

I wonder when we are going to go back. At least part time. I want to know so I have an estimated time to get ready. This coming Sunday I am going to a church life group get together outside and I am so excited for that! Even though we have to wear masks, I can still see my friends which is a plus!

Nothing too exiting has been happening lately. I guess my friend got a new cat which is cool! I haven’t really made anything except a song or two on my ukulele. I like to write and play songs to pass the time. I started learning how to play after Halloween, and I fell I have come a long way in the music world!

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