Entry #56


Ever since the pandemic started, lots of things have changed. Business shut down, schools closed, 6ft social distancing, wearing masks in public is the law. Everything you are about to witness in this entry is what happened to me January 10 – 17th during the COVID 19 Pandmeic.

Monday started off as a regular day for me. Waking up at 9am and immediately going to the kitchen to grab my morning coffee and get my work that has been assigned to me all finished. If i get done early i will either go on a nice run/walk around my neighborhood or will watch some TV or play video games until lunch. At 11:45, I start making lunch. I’m not their best cook, so I usually just make myself a sandwich or Mac and cheese. Once I’m done with lunch I grab my IPad that my school gave me and hopped online to zoom and attended online classes. From 12:20 to 4:00, I go to zoom and sit and listen to 4 classes. After school I usually just go to the Cal Young Field to hang out with my friends or we play soccer together. I can only stay for so long because it gets dark very quickly. In the evening when I get home I usually come home to my parents making dinner and putting it on the table nice and warm. After dinner, I usually go hop on video games with my friends. We do that basically all night and then around 11:30 to midnight I usually go to bed. That’s what happened Monday. Tuesday is a repeat of Monday so I don’t need to go into detail. Wednesday is the exact same as Monday and Tuesday but I don’t have zoom that day so it gives me a break, also instead of going to the field after school I go to a life group and drink coke and play air hockey with my friends and learn about Christianity. Thursday is a regular day like Monday and Tuesday. Friday is also the same but I’m more excited because the weekend approaches. Saturday and Sunday are usually my free days where I can invite people over to spend the night or I can hang out with my friends outside at the field. Sunday is usually a recovery day for the next week ahead of me, where I prepare my iPad and notebooks for zoom and morning work.

This week was pretty normal for me like any other, but trust me. Some of my weeks are crazy, and filled with adventure. I hope this pandemic gets over soon, I love my house but I’m almost going insane inside. 

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