Entry #55

Jan 28

this week was like last mostly staying home and watching tv to pass times, and fidgeting, lots of fidgeting, I never really noticed how often I fidget, like I’ll be shaking my foot or messing with my fingers or twisting my body, and I had no idea I did that. I have been working on my room here and ther but it’s not that I don’t want to do it I just can’t get myself to do it, but I’ll get somehting done here and there, it looks better than what I started with and that was BAD. It actully snowed a bit here it was pretty cool, cept I disappeared pretty quickly and I was in class so I couldn’t play with it or anything, other than that it’s just been cool and rainy. No one I know of has gotten Covid, my brother got Covid TESTED, he got his wisdom teeth removed, he didn’t say anything to funny sadly, he just hummed here and there, but he fell asleep for a long time so he was over the anesthesia when he got up. Thats the most exciting things this week, again just been kinda lonely, I’m hoping I can see my friends soon, I hope there ok, I don’t have much way to contact some of them and I know they’ve had trouble with there emotions and I hope there being healthy I just wish I was there to help them feel better. 

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