Entry #63

March 12, 2021, Friday

364 days since lockdown, 366 days since I’ve been out of school
Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of school lockdown, it makes me sad thinking about that, it felt like yesterday where I was just sitting in class waiting for the bell to ring so I could go home, now all I want to do is go back, when times were simpler. It made me nostalgic for times that will never come back.
As for today, I got a text from my old friend who invited me to his birthday party at Defy, it’s basically a trampoline place, it’s quite far from where I live, but I still really wanted to go. I asked my parents if they could take me there, but they said no, Covid is still a massive concern so I understood why they rejected, but I was still bummed out. I was looking forward to seeing him and all my other friends that were supposed to come. 
On a side note however, I got through a ton of missing work, which is a massive relief, I will get the rest done over the weekends.

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