Newsletter for week of October 10

Dear Families,

Our first field trip is scheduled! We will take a hay ride to pick pumpkins, gourds and apples at Herrick’s Farm on October 25th. No chaperones are necessary. Please sign both sides of the field trip permission slips and return by Wednesday.

A parent asked about the amount of completed work her student was bringing home. Most of our writing is done in our writing journal. We use our journal to reflect on progress and set writing goals. Most of our math and reading work is in our math workbook and interactive reading notebook. Students use these as reference tools though out the year. First graders do many art projects. Some I send home, the rest get displayed and archived on our classroom walls. At the end of the year, each student will bring home a First Grade Memory book that I’m sure you and your child will treasure.

What we’re learning this week:
MATH: Games, word problems and activities around combinations (1+6=7, 2+5=7, 3+4=7, etc.). Counting, writing numbers, understanding teens and decades. We also are learning how to log in and practice our math skills on IXL a website we access from our school laptops.

READING:  Since it’s a short week, there won’t be spelling words or sight word flashcards. We will review and assess what we’ve learned so far and learn how to how to do a variety of literacy stations. Students will also be trained to access Spelling City and Raz Kids (a reading website). Students can take spelling tests and play games to practice words. RazKids is allows students to listen to, read and take quizzes on books that match their reading level. I am sending home log in information. If you have internet access or can make it somewhere like the library that has free internet, your child can access websites/apps to get extra reading, spelling and math practice.

WRITING:  Review nouns and verbs, practice handwriting and write stories using our “easy points” (capitals, end punctuation, finger spaces and guess and go or words on our wall).

SCIENCE: Students will use syringes and colored water to learn about air and water displacement.

SOCIAL SKILLS: listening, doing our personal best, asking for help when needed and adjusting voice level for independent, small group and whole class discussions and activities.

This Week
Monday: PE, library
Wednesday:  wear purple and green or Holt shirts, 1:10  release
Thursday and Friday: No school. Academy Day and Statewide Inservice

Save the Dates:
October 12: Parents at Holt (PAHS) Welcome Party
October 25: Field trip 11:45- 1:45 pm
October 28:  Holtoberfest from 6-8 pm

Thanks everyone!

Leah (541)790-6126, classroom blog

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