Newsletter for Week of October 1st

Dear Families,

Happy October! We are off to a great start and have a super sweet, bright group of students in our class. YAY! Parent volunteers have started and we have the wonderful student teacher Ms. R here every afternoon. It’s going to be a wonderful year of learning and growing!

The only “homework” students have is practicing sight word flashcards (on green card stock) and 15 minutes of at home reading each night (fill out orange October reading calendar for a free personal size Pizza Hut pizza!). There’s an optional handwriting/spelling practice (blue) sheet. No need to return.

What we’re learning this week:

MATH: Read/listen/solve story problems using various strategies and tools.

READING: Blending words with the short o sound (pot, hop) as we read fiction and non-fiction stories about school. Sequencing events in a story and analyzing author’s word choice.

WRITING: It’s Apple Week! Students will sample several different varieties of apples. If you’d like to send an apple in to share, it would be greatly appreciated. We will learn about the life cycle of apples, follow the writing process to write descriptive paragraphs about apples and do apple art.

Last week students learned about nouns and this week we’ll learn about action verbs. Ask your child to sing you the “Going on a noun hunt” song. It’s rather hilarious. Students tiptoed all over school with their clipboards and recorded various nouns (people, places, animals and things) they spied. As we review and practice handwriting, I am getting a bit more particular about pencil grip and letter formation, letter placement on lined paper, correct spacing and using capitals in the proper places.

SCIENCE: Students will conduct an experiment on what happens with air is pushed into smaller spaces and explore how water can be used to show that air takes up space.

SOCIAL SKILLS: using eye contact and a presentation voice when sharing ideas, doing our personal best and asking for help

This Week

Monday: PE, library

Tuesday: extra music

Wednesday: wear purple and green or Holt shirts, 1:10 release

Thursday: music, Zumba class, Latino Family Night 6-8

Friday: music

Save the Dates:

October 6: Latino Family Night from 6-8 pm

October 12: Parents at Holt (PAHS) Welcome Party

October 28: Holtoberfest from 6-8 pm

Housekeeping Items:

Students may bring a morning snack from home and keep a water bottle on their desk. Water only please!

To save time and paper, I’d like to move to mostly e-mail newsletters. Please send me a note, if you are not receiving school related e-mails or kindly let me know if prefer to have a paper e-mail sent home with your child. I’m happy to accommodate!

Questions or concerns? Email or call (541)790-6126 and/or check out my classroom blog

If your child is going to be absent or tardy, please call Attendance: 541.790.6111

End of the day transportation changes? Please send a note and/or call the office 541.790.6100

To receive messages via text, text @mrswillows to 81010

Thanks everyone!

Leah Willow

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